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4 Important Safety Tips for Using Fireplaces in Greenville, SC Homes

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Whenever the cold season hits, many fortunate Greenville, SC homeowners get to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a fireplace in their home. That said, indoor fireplaces do need some maintenance to keep them operating optimally and safely. Every type of fireplace, whether gas, electric, or wood-burning, poses a potential danger to a home and its inhabitants, so keep in mind these five tips on keeping your fireplace safe and warm.

Greenville, SC Homes

Avoid running your fireplace with other home features that vent to the outside.

Turning these features on along with your fireplace can pull carbon monoxide from your flue that’s supposed to rise up to the chimney, thereby allowing the harmful gas to circulate in the home. Examples of home features that vent to the outside are central vacuum systems, clothes dryers, kitchen range hoods, and bathroom vents.

Do not treat artificial gas logs like real wood logs

If you use artificial logs, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended use carefully. In addition, use only one log at a time and do no feed the fire with another log until the current one is completely consumed. Never use both artificial and real logs simultaneously. If you need to follow an artificial log with a real log, wait at least two hours before adding the real log because doing so can cause a flare up.

Do not use coal or charcoal

Using charcoal and coal as fireplace fuel can cause carbon monoxide to build up in a home. Be sure to clean out ashes from previous fires before using your fireplace again.  Likewise, do not throw any type of plastic into the fire because these generate dangerous fumes.

Keep combustible materials away from the fireplace

Fabric, wood, paper, and other flammable materials should never be allowed near the fireplace.  If these items are too close, they could catch fire. During the holidays, be sure the Christmas tree is far enough to not be ignited by flying embers.

If you don’t have a fireplace yet and are planning to have one built, let these tips guide you so you can maximize your enjoyment of your new fireplace while minimizing the risks. For the best fireplaces in the market, get in touch with trusted suppliers of gas logs, fireplaces, barbeque grills, and outdoor furniture in Greenville, SC such as Buchanan Fire and Outdoor.

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