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Greenville, SC Fireplace and Outdoor Products

Established in 1974, Buchanan Fire and Outdoor is known for providing premium heating and outdoor solutions in Greenville, South Carolina. As a family-owned business that doesn’t only focus on quality but also treats its customers as the utmost priority, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the region for being the top choice for heating and outdoor solutions. Whether you need to purchase new heating and outdoor living products or need our help with installation and repair services, our solutions in Greenville, SC are just a call away!

Fire Pits – Choose from a Wide Selection of the Best Heating Solutions

In an area such as Greenville, SC, you must have all the relevant solutions at your disposal to fend off against the cold and keep your family safe and happy.

It gets even more demanding when you and your family have a penchant for enjoying the outdoors. After all, you can’t keep yourselves confined within the walls of your home. But at the same time, you cannot make your way outside without proper protection against the cold.

That’s where fire pits come in.

Enjoy Ideal Warmth and Safety in Your Backyard

By installing our highly effective and completely safe fire pits in your backyard, you can ensure to enjoy the outdoor products in outdoors without worrying about harmful exposure to the weather. Proper outdoor products means no cancellation of family barbecues. No compromises on fun playtime. And no second-guessing on well-earned relaxation.

Due to our partnerships with manufacturers such as Mason-Lite and Sedona, our premium quality fire pits come in a variety of materials and designs. From masonry to copper, and from fire rings to fire bowls, our selection can complement your aesthetic perfectly.

You can select between various sizes of fire pits and the choice to even adjust the courses or height of each system. Remember, you never have to settle on a solution that looks out of place from your personal style.

We Make Sure to Take Affordability Into Account

As a family-owned business, we understand that affordability is often the top priority for the average household. That is why we do not only select a variety of products from top manufacturers but also make sure that they belong to different price points. This goes a long way in ensuring that we cater to everyone’s needs without being a burden on their bank accounts.

But our fire pit systems do not only strike the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Since all of our products come from top manufacturers, they also hold the promise of the utmost reliability. When put together, these features make our fire pit collection as the best option in outdoor heating solutions that you can find in Greenville, SC.

Enjoy Our Solutions At Your Own Terms

Due to the large selection of fire pits, you can choose these heating systems to fit perfectly in your available area as well as your budget. Since we always put our customers’ needs front and center, we make sure to provide multiple options that you feel comfortable with.

Our approach to tweaking existing styles and being able to suggest unique designs makes sure that you can enjoy the perfect fire pits in your backyard without making any kind of compromises.

With high quality material, superior craftsmanship, and premium finish, our fire pits aim to please at every step. The best part? They also succeed in achieving this feat! Through their built and functionality, our collection of fire pits makes sure to fulfill all your expectations.

Due to these reasons, our fire pits are highly sought after by our customers and earn rave reviews by everyone who brings them home. From large estates to charming family homes, homeowners in the Greenville, SC area all attest to the performance of our fire pits and how they fit in their existing landscaping.

No matter if you are known for your gardening or your parties, your yard fixtures or your unique sense of decor, our fire pits can exemplify your taste in home decor in a super easy and convenient way.

To learn more about our fire pits or to place your order, feel free to reach out to us today! We will be glad to hear from you and help you benefit from our highly reviewed solutions at an affordable price.

Heaters – Staying Warm in Winter Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Are you looking for a way to keep your home warm through the winter? Do you want your family to feel comfortable under your roof? Are you finding affordable solutions that do not compromise on quality?

If your answer to any of these questions came in a ‘Yes’, then our collection of high quality heaters is exactly what you need.

Enjoy High Quality Heating Solutions

Built with premium quality materials and craftsmanship, our selection of air and water heaters is a huge hit among all types of real estate owners. With our partnership from Hearth & Home, you can make your pick from a variety of gas heaters and stoves in Greenville, SC.

Whether you prefer old fashioned heaters in the form of gas stoves or need something modern in the shape of ceramic gas logs, we can make sure to fit all your needs. With our solutions, you can bring the much needed warmth to your home or office in a super easy way.

Choose from a Variety of Heaters

Whether you prefer old fashioned heaters in the form of gas stoves or need something modern in the shape of ceramic gas logs, we can make sure to fulfill all your requirements.

At Buchanan Fire and Outdoor, we ensure that all of our fireplaces are selected after an extensive vetting and quality control process. This attention to detail allows us to select highly reviewed products for our customers.

This makes sure that our products never fail to meet your expectations in terms of reliability and performance. Whether you are looking for a traditional wood burning fireplace or a modern electric design, we make sure that the style you bring home fulfills all your needs perfectly.

Find Solutions That Are a Perfect Fit for You

Our sales process is designed in a way that makes it simple for you to make a choice between different fireplaces. Through our simple to browse and easy to navigate catalog, we make sure to understand your needs and exactly what you expect from a heating system. From there, we ensure to make recommendations that meet your requirements perfectly.

The variety of designs that we showcase also goes a long way in making sure that you can find something that fits your aesthetics to a T. Whether you are looking for a minimalist model or an elaborate design, you can surely find something in our collection that goes in line with your personal style.

Enjoy Superior Craftsmanship With Each Order

Our services do not stop at selling heating solutions to our customers. With our focus on customer service, we also make sure to provide premium heater installation and repair services in Greenville, SC.

Whether you need our help in fixing the latest heater or want our assistance in resolving problems in older models, we can make sure to help you every step of the way. Through our experienced team, we can deliver superior craftsmanship to let you enjoy your heating solutions without any issues.

Got any questions regarding our heating solutions or need to place your order right away? Feel free to reach out to us today to enjoy our premium quality solutions today.

Fireplaces – How do You Choose the Right One?

At Buchanan Heating and Outdoors, we also hold a large selection of high quality fireplaces that are set to meet all your requirements.

With our partnerships with top-notch manufacturers such as Hearth & Home, we ensure that our fireplaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes. At the same time, we make sure that they also have different mechanisms powering their heating solutions. This results in delivering optimal customization in heating systems and lets you choose from an array of solutions according to your needs.

Our Large Selection of Fireplaces is Here to Fulfill Your Needs

Choosing between indoor fireplaces for a small apartment? We can help you find a system that suits your needs the best. Shopping for outdoor fireplaces for a larger home? Our collection can offer a solution that fulfills all your requirements.

From wood burning fireplaces to electric systems, our selection of fireplaces has something for every household and even office spaces. Our solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Wood Fireplaces
  • Electric Fireplaces
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Wood Stoves
  • Pellet Stoves
  • Gas Stoves
  • Fireboxes
  • Gas Logs

Our extensive collection of fireplaces and fuel types helps us bring an array of heating options to residential and commercial property owners in Greenville, SC. Whether you need a fireplace for your home or your office – and even your home office – we are right there to help you choose the best solutions.

We Also Offer Top-Notch Maintenance and Repair Services

We go above and beyond to make sure that our fireplace products are also supported by an exceptional after sales service. Whether you need professional installation or regular maintenance, our team of highly qualified professionals is just a call away to provide you with the help you need.

Apart from providing support for the fireplace systems that are sold through our showroom, we also offer repair services for existing fireplaces in your home or office. Simply give us a call and we will be right at your doorstep to help you resolve fireplace related issues through our highly reviewed services.

Renovate Your Fireplaces In an Affordable Way

In addition to offering premium quality products and services in complete fireplace systems, we also offer fireplace inserts to give your old fireplace a new look. This doesn’t only give your fireplace a whole new look but also goes a long way into switching between mechanisms that are more convenient and suitable for you.

Our selection of fireplace inserts covers:

  • Electric Fireplace Inserts
  • Gas Fireplace Inserts
  • Wood Fireplace Inserts
  • Pellet Fireplace Inserts

This makes sure that you can upgrade your fireplace in a cost effective manner, while also being able to enjoy local premium quality products.

We Offer Affordable Products Throughout Our Catalog

Our commitment to offering cost-effective products doesn’t end at fireplace inserts and supplementary products. We also make sure to follow the same approach in our major fireplace solutions.

Despite ensuring premium quality, we make it a point to offer our local products at competitive prices. This helps us cater to a broader market base in Greenville, SC, and ensures that we stay true to our original commitment of bringing premium heating solutions to as many families in the area as possible.

The assurance of optimal quality with the maximum affordability has helped us establish our prowess as one of the leading fireplace solutions provider in South Carolina.

Enjoy Our Highly Reviewed Heating Solutions in Greenville, SC Today

When put together, the holistic set of services that we offer at Buchanan Fire and Outdoor ensures that we provide state of the art solutions in a super convenient way to all types of property owners in Greenville, SC. From suburban homes to urban lofts, and from modern offices to charming studios, our solutions can integrate into any space seamlessly.

With an exceptional focus on premium quality products and a fierce commitment to delivering the best in customer experience, we make sure that we can meet all your expectations. Even if you need a new heating system or the latest in fireplace solutions, we will be able to fulfill all your needs without being a burden on your bank account.

Our highly qualified staff is also just a call away from helping you maintain your existing fireplace or repair any issues with your old heating system. With swift response time and exceptional craftsmanship, you can rely upon our maintenance and repair services with complete confidence.

Got any questions or need to learn more about our services? Feel free to reach out to us today! We will be glad to hear from you and help you benefit from our highly reviewed services right away.

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