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BBQ Smokers in Greenville, SC: 3 Quick Tips for Truly Amazing Ribs

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Ribs are a staple when it comes to barbecuing in Greenville, SC. After all, who can resist a tender set of ribs and glazed in the perfect barbecue sauce and melts in the mouth? In fact, the allure of perfectly smoked ribs only grows during the summer.

If you are a self-proclaimed barbecue connoisseur, you may have tried smoking up ribs just the way you like it on your barbecue grill. Although barbecue grills are more than capable of smoking up some juicy ribs for the whole family to enjoy, you’ll want to purchase a BBQ smoker from a trusted source, such as Buchanan Fire and Outdoor, if you want to take your barbecue game to the next level.

Of course, simply purchasing BBQ smokers isn’t enough to guarantee the perfect set of smoked ribs. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you smoke up a set of ribs that is sure to make everyone’s mouths water:

Quick Tips for Amazing Ribs


Skip the Baby Back Ribs

Naturally, the most important element in any barbecue is the quality of your meat. Many people quickly turn to baby back ribs for their barbecues, but you’ll want to skip those and get yourself some prime spareribs. The popularity of baby back ribs is the result of some clever marketing. Spareribs are not only more affordable than baby back ribs, but they also offer more marbling. This leads to much juicier ribs.


Leave Your Smoker Alone

Unlike your typical barbecue grill, BBQ smokers are capable of maintaining the 225° to 275° you need to take advantage of smoking. As such, you no longer have to keep lifting your lid to check the temperature. This is ideal since lifting the lid often causes you to lose smoke and heat. Let your ribs smoke for roughly 4 hours. To check if your ribs are cooked perfectly, cover up with clean oven mitts and lay your hand flat on one slab. If the ribs feel a little limp, but doesn’t break apart, you just cooked them perfectly.


Slather That Sweet BBQ Sauce

Once you’re satisfied with the texture of the ribs, it’s time to slather your favorite BBQ sauce on the meat. Afterwards, place the meat back in your smoker for about 15 to 20 minutes to let the BBQ sauce penetrate into each layer of meat. Take the meat out, put them on a serving plate and enjoy. Unlike steaks, ribs do not need to “sit” and are best enjoyed fresh off your smoker. 

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