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BBQ Smokers in Greenville, SC: 4 Best Ways to Prevent Grease Fires

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Barbecues and outdoor cooking environments in Greenville, SC are a lot of fun for everyone involved. However, safety practices must be upheld for everyone’s continued safety and enjoyment. One common risk of outdoor cooking is the danger posed by grease fires. While minor jolts of flame are an expected part of grilling, a minor flare-up can instantly turn dangerous if you don’t take the necessary safety steps. Below are tips to help you prevent grease fires when using BBQ grills.

Clean up the pan and tray after grilling

Grills have a drip pan and tray under the grid and burner. Once these are filled with grease, the risk for grease fires increases. These pans and trays are removable, so clean these up every time you use your grille. Grease is easier to clean while it’s hot, but be careful when handling hot grease to avoid skin burns.

prevent grease fires

Scrape the grids

Make sure to scrape the grids while the grill is still hot. Do this before and/or after every use. Dried meat and grease on your grill not only cause unwanted flare-ups, the can also shelter bacteria and other nasties that could negatively affect your meal. Similar to your drip pan and tray, scraping the grid with a grill brush while the grill is still hot is the best way to keep your grids clean.

Monitor your grill while cooking

Don’t leave your grill unattended when you’re cooking food. By keeping an eye on the grill as you cook, you’ll be able to quickly respond to an emergency situation. Not only will you be able to prevent flare-ups, you’ll also prevent your food from burning.

In case of flare-up, don’t use water

Water and oil simply don’t mix. When your grill bursts into flame, don’t attempt to douse the fire with water. It’ll only cause the grease to splatter, spreading the fire even further than before. To extinguish grease fire, use a healthy helping of baking soda instead. It’s the most effective method of putting out grease fire because it cuts off oxygen supply to the flame. Keep a box of baking soda handy in case of emergency.

Use these tips for preventing grease fires to keep your outdoor summer activities with friends and family happy and safe. For the best quality BBQ smokers in Greenville, SC, be sure to purchase your products from trusted sellers such as Buchanan Fire and Outdoor.


5 Easy Ways to Prevent a Grease Fire,

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