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Six Benefits of Having a Fireplace

6 Benefits of Having a Fireplace  Perks of Having a Fireplace

Does anything add more character to a home’s exterior than a chimney or to a home’s interior than a gorgeous fireplace?  The fact is that a fireplace is the most sought after creature comfort among home buyers. In addition to their coziness and charm, there are many distinct benefits to having a fireplace, and here are six of them:

 1 – Environmentally Friendly

If you have a fireplace insert or any other type of modern wood-burning appliance, then your fireplace can be a very efficient heating source.  Today’s fireplaces are becoming more and more efficient, thus providing your home with a great heating source, while burning less wood. In addition, wood leaves a minimal carbon footprint and is a sustainable source of energy.

 2 – Cuts Costs

Burning firewood in your efficient fireplace is less expensive than depending on utility companies that are powered with expensive fossil fuels.

 3 – Provides Energy Independence

You decide the cost of the fuel source that heats your home.  Rather than being fully dependent upon a utility company, you can choose where you obtain your fuel supply.  It’s possible you could enjoy a vast supply of free firewood, if you own a wooded property.

 4 – Warmth During Blackouts

It’s not uncommon for storms to knock electricity out.  With a fireplace, you can have warmth and light, no matter how long it takes to restore power.

 5 – Cooking Capabilities

Not only can you keep the heat going when there is no electricity, you also have a way to cook food.  This is especially true if you have a wood-burning stove.  Even with a traditional fireplace, you can heat soup, roast weenies, and much more.

 6 – Unbeatable Ambiance

Another benefit to having a fireplace in the home is that it offers a great setting for family gatherings, romance, and even quietly reading by a crackling fire.  There’s just something special and outdoorsy about a fireplace that nothing else in a home can match.


The benefits provided by fireplaces are nothing new.  Fireplaces were used as a primary heat source 90% of the time about 100 years ago in the U.S., and they are making a strong comeback.  Feel free to check out our website for a number of fireplace options.

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