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Attention Home Builders and Contractors

Fantastic Wholesale Deals on Fireplaces - Builders Take Notice

Attention Home Builders and Contractors.  Stop Paying High Prices for your Fireplace Hardware and Installs.

We Help You Increase Your Margins and Save Valuable Time!

The Facts Are In
Home Buyers Want Fireplaces!!!

  • 85% of homebuyers say they enjoy having a fireplace and want one in a future home! *
  • Fireplaces are the #2 desired amenity requested in a home, second only to outdoor spaces**
  • Fireplaces increase a homes’ appraised value by $3500 on average!***
  • Sell your homes faster – A majority of homebuyers rate fireplaces as a key selling point!
  • Homebuyers desire personalization and are willing to pay for easy upgrades!


So Why Should You Buy From Buchanan Fire and Outdoor?

We know you have many options when buying your fireplace and hearth equipment, but we believe you’ll really appreciate the VALUE and EXPERIENCE you’ll get when you buy from us!  We believe we’re different from our competitors for these reasons:

  • We have the most competitive pricing in the Upstate
  • We’re an Hearth and Home Technolgies (HHT) reseller – Makers of the best quality hearth equipment in the country.
  • Quick and Responsive –  We provide a quick turnaround on all bids, enabling you to quote your job to your customer much more quickly.
  • We stand behind every product we sell by providing top rated installation and service.
  • We service every product we sell, you’ll never have to worry about making a service call.  Homeowners only need call us for their service and warranty needs.
  • We’re an established family owned business who have been in business for 40 years.  The reason we’re still in business today is that we know the meaning of providing quality and service.


Buchanan Fire and Outdoor saves you money on your fireplace and heart installations by providing you the best prices in the Upstate.  We only sell the highest quality products and back everything we sell.  Save time with our quick and convenient service and installation.

Call Buchanan Fire and Outdoor TODAY to find out how we can help you increase your profit and save you time.

Our number is (864) 610-1286