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Buy Propane before Winter to Get Gas logs in Greenville, SC Burning

Last year’s winter was one of the coldest in recent years, and everyone in the Eastern United States felt its effects because of the scarcity of propane gas. The chillingly low temperatures in late 2013 impelled residents to buy more propane than expected, resulting in a shortage mid-way through the season. To keep gas logs in Greenville, SC burning this winter, the public has been urged by authorities to buy their propane now, as correspondent Alexandra Ilitch reported:

According to Joe Ross from the Michigan Propane Gas Association the best time to fill your tank is right now.

”If they’re going to get a good price and have a really low energy cost this winter, but it early,” Ross said. “That’s the beauty of propane.” 

Supply vs. Demand

Propane prices are at the lowest they are right now since winter hasn’t begun and the fuel is in abundant supply. Pre-ordering will lock in a pre-season price for the customer, in contrast to buying during the peak season when prices are higher. Propane suppliers like Buchanan Fire & Outdoor have no way of predicting the demand for propane once winter starts, so it would be wise for consumers to purchase now to ensure continuous supply:

“When the public doesn’t pre-order their propane, the propane retailer just kinda has to guess– is it going to be a warm winter, is it going to be a cold winter,” Ross said. 

That’s what made it hard for the propane industry to prepare for last winter. However, if the homeowners pre-order, it will help the process run smoothly.  

Propane Customers-Now is the time to buy

Winter Conservation Tips

Having enough propane gas from Greenville, SC suppliers during the winter requires adopting fuel conservation practices. Lower the thermostat to 68 degrees; energy experts predict 5% savings in heating bills if you keep the thermostat in the 60- to 70-degree range. Make sure to wear warm clothes as you do this. Ensure that your heating and air-conditioning systems are maintained so that they perform optimally. Keeping furnaces and air filters clean will also guarantee maximum performance without consuming excess energy. Have doors and windows caulked to prevent heat from escaping.

With some forward thinking and preparation, anyone can enjoy a warm and toasty winter season.


(Source: Propane Customers: Now Is The Time To Buy,, August 23, 2014)

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