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Buyer’s Guide: How to Find Your Ideal BBQ Smokers in Greenville, SC?

Have you ever wondered why those steaks, ribs, and briskets you order at barbecue restaurants taste so good? The secret is that they don’t use your average charcoal or gas grill; instead, they use specialized BBQ smokers in Greenville, SC. So why go to a restaurant when you can have good food right at your backyard? All you need is a smoker and you’re set to have a fun BBQ party with family and friends.

How To Buy A Smoker

Types of Smokers

There are many types of smokers to choose from, each coming in different shapes and sizes. From bullet charcoal designs and electric units to modern handheld smoking guns and stovetop smokers, you can literally cook your steaks anywhere in the house. Note that different types of smokers are fueled by different materials like charcoal, hardwood, wood pellets, propane, and even electricity so you would really need to consider your needs and preferences before purchasing any smoker.


Smoker prices range from as low as $50 to at least $10,000, but just like any other carefully chosen item, you can get your money’s worth. Therefore, you really must mean business when buying a smoker or you’ll end up settling for a cheap unit that won’t quite stand the test of time. For a few thousand bucks, you have a lot of options for high-quality barbecue grills in Greenville, SC.


If you’re planning on having a just a few people over, then you can probably settle for a small design like a bullet charcoal smoker. Parties and large gatherings are another matter entirely, since you would need a unit with a large capacity like a pellet smoker/grill combo. You can easily tell how much food a design can hold by looking at smoker capacity charts or the dimensions of the smoker itself.

Features and Accessories

When using a smoker, one needs to be mindful of the temperature and the heat output of the unit so that food won’t be undercooked or burned; some smokers come with thermostats to help you control the temperature. Of course, a good unit will come equipped with accessories like tools, covers, deflector plates, extra racks, and many others. Be sure to ask what other items are bundled with your chosen smoker unit.

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