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How to Care for Natural or Propane Gas Logs When They Are Not in Use

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A fireplace that burns natural or propane gas is an easy way to warm up a room in your Greenville, SC home or create a cozy or romantic spot for two. Rather than having to constantly haul in wood and keep pests out of a wood supply, gas logs are more convenient and less costly per use. If you plan on owning one, consider these tips on caring for your natural or propane gas logs so that your fires can be as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Inspect Logs Before Use

The first and most important step in caring for your gas log fireplace is performing an inspection before starting the fire. Check to make sure that all of the logs are in good shape. A fire should not be started if any of the logs are cracked or broken. If the logs shifted during the last fire, you will need to adjust them in a way that carbon monoxide won’t build up. If you find a problem with any of the logs, be sure to contact a service provider for gas logs in Greenville SC.

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Soot Removal

After a fire and when the pilot light is out, it is recommended to remove the soot from your gas logs. Wait until the logs are cool. This could take several hours after shutting the fireplace off. The soot should not be brushed into the fireplace, as it could ignite. You will need to wear sturdy work gloves for this. Take the logs outside and use an appropriate brush to clean them before returning them to your fireplace.

Vented Air Gas Logs

If your gas logs have vents, they will need to be maintained and inspected once per year by a certified technician. This is important because the positioning of the logs and orientation of the vents must be done in specific ways in order to avoid problems with the functionality of the fireplace. Vented gas logs sometimes need to be re-sealed so that soot cannot get into the air vents. This can only be done by a licensed and factory-trained gas log service technician.

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