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Choose Propane Gas In Gas Logs For Your Home: Here Are Top Reasons Why

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When it comes to choosing gas logs for your home, consider getting the ones that use propane gas. Propane gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) has been steadily gaining in popularity among homes and commercial businesses recently because it is clean and efficient. Not to mention, it’s incredibly cost friendly even for the most budget conscious of families.

Here are some more advantages of choosing gas logs with propane gas for homes near Greenville, SC.

Gas Logs For Your Home


It is one of the cleanest fuels around.

Propane is one fuel that manages to burn more cleanly than any other fossil fuel out there but burns three times hotter than natural gas. In fact, it’s clean for the environment that it’s listed in both the 1990 Clean Air Act and 1992 Energy Policy Act. That’s because propane is known to have low carbon content, which means that it produces minimal emissions.


They are safer than other fuels.

Especially for the home, propane is one of the safest gases you will ever find. It is nontoxic and does not contaminate soil or groundwater so you know that it is safe to have around your little ones. At the same time, propane has a smart way of warning you if there is a leak. It may be colorless, but certainly not odorless. In fact, a distinct smell of rotting eggs will tell you that there is a propane leak. This gives you enough time to act before the situation worsens significantly.

In contrast, other types of gases used in commercial establishments and homes offer no smell or any other hint that would indicate any imminent danger. This is why most customers prefer to use propane.


They are always available.

One of the best things about opting for propane gas on your gas logs is that they are readily available so you never have to worry about not having any refill. This is because as much as 90 percent of the propane supply is produced in the US. And at the same time, it helps keep cost relatively low.

Consider opting for propane gas for your gas logs today. Be more energy and cost efficient when it comes to your home. Most of all, be a whole lot safer for the sake of everyone in your home.  

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