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Choosing the Best Gas Logs for Your Fireplace

How to Choose the Best Gas Logs for Your Fireplace

Gas log options are practically endless. You could spend hours of time trying to find the perfect set for your fireplace or home. Luckily, the experts at Buchanan Fire and Outdoor in Greenville, SC are here to help. We have been providing heating and outdoor products to the area for over 40 years. We love helping our friends and neighbors create the perfect fireplaces to make their homes warm and cozy. We know how confusing it can be when you are starting out so we’ve come up with a few quick tips to help you decide which logs are best for your home.gas fireplace greenville sc

Gas Log Types

There are basically two different types of gas logs to choose from, vented logs and ventless logs. In order to choose the right set for your home, it’s important to know the difference.

Vented Gas Log Sets

With a vented gas log, you’ll need a working fireplace and an open damper. The biproducts from vented gas logs are similar to wood burning fireplaces, so you’ll have to have some place for the smoke to go.

Advantages of Vented Gas Log Sets

  • Give you the real look and feel of natural wood burning fire
  • Less hassle and work than natural wood burning fire
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors are suggested but not required
  • Less expensive installation costs
  • Smoke and smell go out the chimney
  • Higher, more realistic warm yellow flames

Disadvantages of Vented Gas Log Sets

  • Provide 90% less heat for your home than Ventless Logs
  • Uses a little more fuel than Ventless Logs
  • Needs an opened vent or chimney


Ventless Gas Log Sets

  • A ventless gas log set does not need a vent or even a fireplace to work. You can have a special cabinet installed for your ventless logs or use an old fireplace, without a damper.
  • Advantages of Ventless Gas Log Sets
  • Provide very efficient heating for a room or large areas of your home
  • Provides lower cost heating
  • Lower pollution and biproduct
  • Require less fuel
  • Fireplaces are optional


Disadvantages of Ventless Gas Log Sets

  • Produces moisture into the home
  • Can reduce the oxygen level in a room
  • Require Oxygen Depletion Systems and Carbon Monoxide Detector in the house
  • Creates smaller, blue flames
  • Looks less natural and life like than the vented log sets
  • Smells more like kerosene than like natural fire


Which Log is Right for Your Home?

  • Understanding which type of gas log set is best for you home means you need to ask yourself a few questions, like:
  • Am I looking for an efficient and effective heating source?
  • Do I want to save on fuel costs more than I want a natural look and feel?
  • Am I ready to make a bigger investment to create a long-term, low cost heating option for my home?
  • Is the size and look of the flame important?
  • Is the heating output?
  • Am I looking for a natural looking and feeling fireplace experience?
  • Am I more interested in enjoying my fireplace than in using it as a main heating source?
  • Do I currently have a working fireplace?

If you are looking for an efficient and effective heating source and are prepared for the investment, ventless logs are perfect for you. You don’t even need a working fireplace. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more natural feeling and looking fire, vented logs are better. Both types of logs require a lot less maintenance than an old-fashioned fireplace and are more efficient.


If you have any questions about for fireplaces, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Buchanan Fire and Outdoor. We offer affordable and reliable fireplace installment and maintenance in Greenville, SC. Call us today at 864-834-5226. We’ll have you relaxing by the fireplace before the first snowfall.



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