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Most Common Questions About Gas Logs

Gas Logs Common Questions

We know that choosing a fireplace to complete your home can be confusing. There are a lot of things to consider before you narrow down your choices. The experts at Buchanan Fire and Outdoor have been serving the Greenville, SC area for over 40 years. We get a lot of questions fireplace options. In this blog, we’ll answer the top 5 questions we get asked about our most popular option, gas logs.

What Material Is Used to Make a Gas Log?common gas log questions

A gas log can come in two different forms, refractable cement or specialized ceramic that is flame-resistant. Modern techniques create logs that have been molded and painted to perfectly mimic the look and feel of wood. Many gas log fireplaces also create realistic looking embers to give your fireplace an authentic looking fire. The embers are crafted from rock wool. The material reflects light naturally and helps direct the heat of the fire. To complete the natural look, manufacturers offer different types of wood styles to fit your personal taste.

Wood choices include:

  • Driftwood
  • Birch
  • Walnut
  • Oak

What Type of Gas Is Used for a Gas Log Fireplace?

Liquid propane or natural gas is usually used in gas log sets. If you already have one type of gas heating your home, you can use the same gas for your fireplace.  If you don’t have gas heat, you can choose which type of gas to use. The choices often depend on:

Model Requirements- Certain models of fireplaces only use certain types of gas. Make sure you check to see if the fireplace set you like requires a specific type of gas.

  • Your Current Heating System– If you already have natural gas, it can be used to fuel your fireplace. Installation will be a lot easier and faster when you have gas appliances. However, you can’t install natural gas by itself. It would need to be part of a natural gas system.
  • Your Connection – Propane can be connected without a system, making it an easier choice for new installations.
  • Available Supply- A propane gas log set needs to be set up to an outdoor tank. These tanks will need to be refilled by suppliers periodically. Contact your local supplier, like Buchanan Fire and Outdoor for more information on refills.

Natural gas can only be accessed from a gas line. You’ll need to contact a contractor or local utilities for available access to natural gas.

How Do I Maintain My Gas Log Fireplace?

Overall, gas log sets need minimal maintenance. You should clean the dust and residue out of the fireplace twice a year. Make sure to include the pilot light when you clean.  Otherwise, have your gas logs serviced every year. Annual inspections ensure that all parts are working properly and prevent issues.\

Which Starter Should I Choose?

Ignition setups come in a variety of options. Many gas fireplaces use a lighter or match, just like traditional fireplaces. However, if you have small children in your home, or simply have trouble kneeling, remote control options are available.

Is a Gas Log Set a Good Investment?

With a gas log set having a relatively low cost of entry, gas log fireplace installations are highly efficient and effective. Professionally installed units can last a lifetime. Plus, they offer as much as 90% return on your investment.

Still not sure? Buchanan Fire and Outdoor is here to answer all your questions. Call us today at (864) 834-5226. We’ll help you choose the perfect fireplace for your home and have it quickly installed for cozy evenings by the fire.

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