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Enjoy Cooking Your Own Perfectly Smoked Meat and Fish on BBQ Grills

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Do you love the smoky goodness of a great BBQ? While you’ve probably tried to recreate some of those tasty meats in your own backyard, true smoking requires the right equipment and some basic knowledge of this cooking process. While smoking is not difficult, it is certainly different than what many people produce on their home grill.

What’s the difference between a BBQ smoker and BBQ grill?

Many people are familiar with the typical gas or charcoal grill; however, when it comes to smokers, things tend to get a bit less clear. While it is possible to use your grill to smoke meat, it generally doesn’t offer the same flavor as you’d get with a quality BBQ smoker.

A BBQ grill cooks meat (and other foods) using a dry source of heat–this could be electric, charcoal, or gas. This is the type of cooking that results in those recognizable grill marks. Most grills will allow you to adjust for direct or indirect heat. A grill is generally used for smaller pieces of meat, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, or cut up chicken.

On the other hand, a BBQ smoker cooks meat by using a lower temperature with an environment infused with smoke. Typically, hardwoods, such as mesquite, hickory, maple, or cedar are used in order to add their unique flavor to the smoking process. Smoking is ideal for larger cuts of meat, such as a brisket, whole fish, or turkey.

Cook Smoked Meat and Fish on BBQ Grills

Tips for Buying a BBQ Smoker

If you’re looking for BBQ smokers in Greenville SC, you’ll have plenty of options. Some things you’ll want to consider before making a purchase include the size of the smoker as well as any features and its cost. Some smokers have built in temperature gauges to help keep your smoker at the right temperature, while others feature easy cleaning, electric start, or other functions. Of course, the size of the grates will be a big factor in how much meat you can smoke at one time.

Whether you choose a dedicated BBQ smoker or you opt for one of the excellent BBQ grills, it’s important to make sure that you keep it clean and in top working condition. Your grill or smoker should be able to provide many years of quality service.


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