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How Fireplaces Can Reduce the Power Bill of Greenville, SC Residents

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As the winter season is fast approaching, residents are busy preparing their fireplaces to help bring in warmth and comfort into their homes. While some might deem fireplaces as wasteful, those who use either wood or gas logs in Greenville, SC have found that a fireplace can cut energy costs if used correctly.


Traditional vs. Modern: How to Reduce Your Heating Bills during Winter

One of the greatest concern of most residential homes is how their heating bill skyrockets every winter. While most are busy finding ways to reduce their energy costs during this cold season, fireplace installation seems to be one of those ideas that people don’t really take seriously, mainly because it is generally deemed whimsical and uneconomical. Yet, contrary to popular belief, a traditional fireplace is more practical to use than modern heaters, especially when done under the right conditions.

Obviously, the greatest advantage of using a traditional fireplace is the fact that after the installation, the only thing you’ll ever buy is its fuel, either in the form of wood or gas. Unlike heaters where you are billed per kilowatt usage, the extent of fuel consumption for fireplaces depends on the simple act of keeping all windows and doors closed while the fire is crackling to reduce the amount of wood or gas consumed.

The science of it is pretty straightforward – as the fire is left burning, it continuously consumes the surrounding cold air while giving off the warm, toasty temperature. By keeping the doors closed, including those rooms where the fireplace is not located, you are not just limiting the usage of extra fuel, but you are also helping to spread the warmth inside your home.

Another thing you can do to increase the efficiency of your fireplace is to turn on your ceiling fan at low speed. This might seem counterproductive, but the air generated by your ceiling fan can help circulate the warm temperature evenly around the room.

Lastly, you need to maintain the cleanliness of your fireplace if you want to maximize the warmth it gives. Residual ash can affect the airflow and reduced the resulting temperature from your fireplace.

In this sense, using a traditional fireplace during winter is more practical and economical than letting your electric heater do the same amount of work.


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