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Fireplaces in Greenville, SC: A Perfect Home Addition in Time for Fall

Do you feel that slight nip in the air already? It doesn’t get too chilly during fall, but adding fireplaces in Greenville, SC homes is a great way to make indoors cozier. You can kick back, read a book, or simply hang out in front of that toasty-warm fire. Fall would also be a perfect time for the home addition, in anticipation of the frostier winter days.

Look Inside Dramatic Homes

Fireplaces can be assets to a house beyond the colder seasons, too. They improve the aesthetics, functionality, and overall value of real estate property, as seen in these New York village homes featured by Newsday reporter Lisa Doll-Bruno.


9 Sound Bay Dr.

Within the past couple of years, the owners of this nine-room Tudor-style Colonial converted all three wood-burning fireplaces to gas. The fireplaces can be found in the living room, the den and the master suite.


733 Soundview Rd.

Featuring an open floor plan with soaring ceilings and walls of glass, this 3,050-square-foot contemporary has three gas-burning fireplaces. One is in the family room, another in the living room, and the third is in one of two second-floor master suites. The master with the fireplace also has a walk-in closet, a Jacuzzi tub and access to a glass conservatory, while the other master accesses a deck.

Even though the mentioned listings were in a northeastern state, buyers and owners of southern homes appreciate fireplaces, too. The luxury and allure that hearths and fireplaces bring to properties undeniably attract several people, which makes the home item so prized and sought-after. Whether you’re planning to enjoy your home for a while or to sell it soon, a fireplace remodel would be a profitable investment to consider.

Taking inspiration from the featured Lloyd Neck home, you can replace your wood-burning fireplaces with gas logs from a Greenville, SC provider of fireplace equipment. Modern gas logs come with far fewer safety issues and less maintenance requirements compared with traditional hearths. Plus, they’re easier to install and use, and they produce twice as much heat over wood.

Aside from traditional fireplaces, fireplace and gas stove insert providers like Buchanan Fire and Outdoor offer items that run on propane gas, a nontoxic fuel that burns cleaner or with less carbon emissions. Combine these quality products with excellent construction or remodeling for a safer, warmer, and more valuable home.

(Source: A look inside dramatic homes with several fireplaces, Newsday, September 25, 2014)

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