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Gas Grills or BBQ Smokers in Greenville, SC: Which are Best for Fall?

Who said you have to stop barbecuing in the fall? It’s the season for football tailgating, fishing, and holiday meals, after all, and recipes that require grilling take center stage during these activities. In a colorfully-written article published in fall last year, Washington Post columnist Jim Shahin argues that fall is the best time to grill. Shahin even enumerated some ideas on the best food to grill, including mouthwatering entrées and desserts for the holidays:

Best Season for Grilling

Fall is my favorite time to grill. Unlike summer’s searing temperatures, fall’s mild weather makes standing before a hot fire a pleasure. But the practicality of temperate days, fine though it is, is secondary to their poetry. The smoke carries differently on fall’s crisp air. The vapors perfume the neighborhood, bracing and seductive, hinting of nostalgia. In brutish summer, smoke practically congeals above the grill in its thick torpor.

Except for tomatoes and corn and maybe peaches, a person could even argue that autumn’s eating is better: It is the harvest season, for crying out loud.

If you will be diving into fall grilling, you have to find the right equipment for the task. Should you pick gas grills or BBQ smokers for your Greenville, SC home? Here’s how you can decide:

Gas Grills: The One with All the Frills

Convenience, optimal control, and safety – those are the three things that gas grills – especially propane-fueled ones – provide. You simply turn knobs to heat and fire it up and tweak the temperature depending on the cooking requirement. The finest chefs use this type of grilling for searing meats and charring fall fruits and veggies. The cleanup will be a breeze, too; you won’t have to deal with the starter fluids, ashes, and hot coals or wood chips.

BBQ Smokers: The One for Flavorful Roasters

However, if you have the skills (plus the time and patience), you get better, more flavorful results with smokers. The slow cooking allows roasters to be infused with an authentic smoked taste. Meats like ribs also tend to be pristinely tender when cooked in barbecue smokers. The charcoal-fueled smokers can give you a more genuine barbecuing experience, but you can use electric, pellet, or even gas smokers for convenience, too.

Whichever you choose, companies like Buchanan Fire and Outdoor can provide you quality smokers or gas barbecue grills in Greenville, SC, so you can start making fall your barbecue season.

(Source: Fall’s the best season for grilling, Washington Post, September 24, 2013)

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