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Why We Love Gas Logs

There’s a Lot to Love about Gas Logs

Do you enjoy the coziness and warmth of a fire in the fireplace but not the hassle of buying, hauling, and lighting firewood?  If so, gas logs are an ideal solution.  Decorative gas log sets come in many styles that provide the kind of Want Gas Logs - We Have Themambiance you enjoy.  The sets available today are superior to those made in former days and can be surprisingly realistic and inexpensive.  We offer styles that can fit with any type of décor, whether rustic, elegant, traditional, or contemporary.



For the environmentally conscious, gas logs are a good choice.  Using a gas fireplace or stove instead of burning real wood means that your fireplace will release fewer pollutants into the air.  Gas logs are efficient and clean-burning, whether fueled with natural gas or liquid propane.


Gas logs are designed to ensure that the faux firewood looks authentic.  Because they are molded from the real thing, all of the natural details are there, such as natural bark patterns, forked branches, knotholes, and ax marks. Choose from sets patterned after walnut, birch, driftwood, cedar, or oak.  They are complete with glowing red embers and flames that flicker and dance around the realistic ceramic logs.


With gas logs, the enjoyment of a fire is always moments away.  Simply use a remote control, flip a switch, or light one match to get the flames started.  Part of the convenience of vented gas logs is the fact that the chimney stays cleaner much longer than with real firewood.  Very few deposits are left in the flue lining with a gas fireplace, but an annual safety inspection is still recommended.

Chimney Not Always Required

Vented gas logs require the use of a chimney.  These decorative sets deliver realistic, dramatic fires; but it’s important to open the fireplace damper when in use.  Very little heat is produced, which means vented gas logs are useful for decorative purposes only.

Vent-free gas logs do not require a chimney, which means that if they are installed in a fireplace, the damper can stay closed.  This type of gas log set does provide heat as well as the beautiful ambiance of a roaring fire.  Please note that some areas have restrictive building codes that do not allow vent-free gas logs.

They are convenient, beautiful, authentic-looking, environmentally friendly, affordable, and can potentially provide warmth.  What’s not to love about gas logs?

If you’re considering buying a set of gas logs, be sure to contact a reputable vendor who can guide you through matching the best type of gas logs for you and your home.

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