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Maximizing Your Greenville SC Outdoor Living Space

How to Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space


Everyone dreams of coming home to a relaxing outdoor living space in the open-air. However, not everyone knows how to get the most relaxation out of their outdoor areas. The team at Buchanan Fire and Outdoor provide the very best in outdoor entertainment space designs in Greenville, SC. Over the last 40 years of business, we’ve learned quite a bit about getting the most out of your outdoor space. Try these tips out for your outdoor relaxation station. Greenville Outdoor Living Space

Start with a View- There’s no point in trying to relax if your surroundings don’t inspire you. Take a look outside and see which spaces you love the most. Start planning with that picture in mind. Then, add in comfortable seating like Adirondack chairs or outdoor couches.

If you have a view of a wall or highway, simply create a new landscape with a wall of flowers or plants. These vertical gardens completely reinvent your outdoor retreat.

Once you’ve picked your view, you can start plans on other additions like dining and seating.

How Will You Use the Space? After you’ve got that perfect view in mind, ask a few simple questions.

  • What do you enjoy doing? Think about some activities you and your family really love, including:
    • Grilling
    • Reading
    • Playing Games
    • Wine-Tasting
    • Dining
    • Gardening

Design with these activities in mind to get the most out of your outdoor retreat.

  • Who will be using the space? Consider how many people and what ages will use your outdoor space. Design around these people, keeping comfort and safety in mind.
  • How long do you want to use the space? 

Seating Designs- Seating is the most important part of your relaxation design. Choosing the wrong amount or the wrong type of seating can completely destroy any relaxation station. Go back to how you want to use your outdoor space or spaces and consider these options.

  • Hammocks- The gentle swaying as you lay back under the sun creates a deeply soothing sensation. Choose top quality relaxation seating, like a beautiful Pawleys Island Hammocks, and reap the benefits, including:
    • Easy Set Up
    • Easy to Clean
    • Can Fit More Than One Person
    • Sturdy
    • Built to Last
    • Fit Any Style
    • Deeper Sleeping

These benefits just don’t end. There are even studies that show that a hammock can give you some incredible health benefits. Plus, they are incredibly versatile. You can use them on your porch or create a hidden reading nook off in a corner of your yard.

  • Fire-Pit Seating- Your outdoor living space is complete when you fire up your fire-pit.  Imagine coming home and watching the embers die as autumn leaves blow in. Or you could host easy-going wine tastings or beer tastings as you enjoy the cool air of a summer evening. Fire-pits extend the use of your outdoor space and give you more time to unwind.


Fire-pits come in all different shapes and sizes, so your seating will depend on which style you choose. Options include:

  • Built-in seating
  • Stools
  • Adirondack Low Seated Chairs
  • Wood-Log Carved Seating
  • Porch Swing Seating

Adirondack Chairs- Since the turn of the 20th century, the low slope and large arm rests of the Adirondack chair have been an icon of summer relaxation. These chairs go great around the fire, on the back porch, near the pool, or on the banks of your favorite lake. They’re perfect for eating, reading, sleeping, or simply enjoying your favorite icy cold beverage after a hot day. Other benefits include:

  • Versatility
  • Easy Care
  • Mobility
  • Endless Design Options
  • Reclined Seating
  • Dining Options
  • Great for All Ages

Summer is the perfect time for relaxing in your own backyard. To get the most out of your summer relaxation, come see the team at Buchanan Fire and Outdoor in Greenville, SC. We’re here to bring you the best in top quality outdoor living equipment and seating. Call us today at 864-834-5226 or toll-free at 800-273-7209. We’ll create the perfect relaxation retreat for your home or office.

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