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Greenville, SC BBQ Grills, Accessories: The Makings of a Barbecue Host

Are you looking for your next remodeling project? Emmy Award-winning television host and interior design expert Cathy Hobbs cites three of the best ways to transform an outdoor space. The following excerpts from Hobbs’ article for The Detroit News may just inspire you to give your deck, yard, or patio a wonderful touch of warmth:

Outdoor kitchens: From outdoor grilling to full-blown kitchens, who doesn’t like to cook outside and dine alfresco? Outdoor kitchens — while often the standard in many luxury homes in areas where warm nights are more plentiful — can truly be an extension of any home, no matter the geographic location.

Outdoor fireplaces: Whether it is for warmth or for aesthetic reasons, there is simply a certain amount of romanticism associated with fire. An outdoor fireplace can serve as not only the center of a dramatic and luxurious living space used for entertaining, but also a more subdued and rustic experience, perfect for quiet nights spent around the fire with loved ones.

Fire pits: The fire pit, unlike other outdoor projects, is relatively affordable, and depending on the desired size and look, can be a relatively straightforward outdoor project.

Design Recipes-Winter outdoor living spaces

Instead of simply sticking to these simple outdoor projects, however, why not build a backyard barbecue too? You can find Greenville, SC BBQ grills and accessories together with designing your cozy setup. That way, you can have the ultimate outdoor entertainment area and bring out the barbecue party host in you!

What You Need

Your barbecue grill will be the most essential part of that remodel project, so your first task would be to shop for the best one. Now, where “best” is concerned, you have to consider the grill that will be just right on your budget, you can easily use and maintain, and cook your specialties exactly the way you want them.

Choose traditional charcoal grills if you want that distinct smoky taste and don’t mind the long preparation time and cleanup. Alternatively, select pellet or gas grills for more convenient barbecues. You should also consider BBQ smokers in Greenville, SC if you plan on making foods with deep, rich taste like pastrami and smoked turkey. You can even use these smokers for baking pizza and bread.

The staff of outdoor living accessories stores like Buchanan Fire and Outdoor can help you pick out the barbecue equipment and accessories you need. They can also provide fuel, outdoor space furnishings, and other items for your dream backyard barbecue.

(Source: Design Recipes: Winter outdoor living spaces, The Detroit News, October 24, 2014)


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