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Greenville, SC BBQ Smokers: 5 Essential Grilling Tips from the Pros

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The sun is out, which means barbecue season is here. Unfortunately, the fact that one owns a grill doesn’t instantly make one a barbecue expert.

Indeed, cooking food directly over fire takes a lot of skill, and if mastering a few barbecuing tips from the pros leads to a special seat of honor among your friends, then the effort is well worth it. Check out these five pro barbecue tips highly recommended by suppliers of BBQ smokers in Greenville, SC.

Start with a clean grill

A clean grill allows for better heat transfer. It also prevents unnecessary fires, as leftover meat, sauce, and grease can become fuel for flames. Clean the grill immediately after use while it’s still hot because it’s when the grill is easiest to clean.

Grilling Tips from the Pros

Use the right fuel

The type of charcoal you use changes the way your barbecue tastes. Experts recommend that you use lump wood charcoal because it tends to produce a taste that natural and untainted. For added taste, add some wood chips to your charcoal. Cherry and apple wood are ideal for most meats, while hickory and oak go well with fish and pork.

Wait for the flames to die down

Barbecuing requires your utmost attention and patience. Let the flames die down before you put your food in. Keep in mind that flame-grilled is actually a misnomer. What you want is to have the coals grey and glowing, as it’s when the heat is at its hottest and evenest.

Create grill zones to manage the heat

You’ll need to control the temperature across the grill. Ideally, you’ll want to have a hot zone and a warm zone. The easiest way to do this is to put all the coals on one side and none on the other. This way, you’ll have one white-hot side and one with no direct heat.

Use the right tools

It’s always a possibility to have a burger or sausage to go down a grill or over the edge. As such, always have the right tool handy, such as a clamp, tongs, and oven glove. Tongs are especially useful, as they allow for better control of the food over the flame.

BBQ accessories in Greenville, SC

For your BBQ accessory needs, suppliers of barbecue grills in Greenville, SC such as Buchanan Fire and Outdoor can provide you with the highest quality BBQ grills and accessories.


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