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Cozy Up to a Fireplace This Year

Cozy Up to the Warmth and Beauty of a Fireplace this Fall              

There’s something about fall that makes all of us long for a cozy and warm fireplace. The crisp autumn air and fun fall holidays remind us of those days we spent by campfires, roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories. It’s not too late to get your own fireplace ready for fall. The experts at Buchanan Fire and Outdoor are here to help you design and fully install your personal fireplaces. We’ve been providing propane delivery and fireplace installations for the Greenville, SC area since 1974. Now’s the perfect time to get started.gas fireplace greenville sc


Relax and Unwind in the Comfort of Your Home

Imagine coming home after a long hard day and relaxing by your fireplace, sipping on cider or a glass of wine. Nothing can beat the warmth and soothing sounds of a fireplace on a cool autumn or winter day. A fireplace invites you in and creates a beautiful, low cost retreat for your family and friends. Think of all the things you can do with your gas burning fireplace.

    • Roast S’mores
    • Create a Romantic Evening
    • Design a Reading Nook
    • Sip Hot Drinks
    • Use for Warmth During Power Outages
    • Add Extra Warmth at Lower Costs
    • Warm Up and Unwind After a Long Day

A gas burning fire place is an easy, low maintenance, low cost way to add value and comfort to your home for years to come.

There is something therapeutic about sitting near a fire, reading a book or simply spending some quiet time with a loved one. As winter approaches, consider some of these perks that c

ome with a gas fireplace.

  • Gas Fireplaces Provide Warmth Without the Hassle- While wood-burning fireplaces have many benefits, gas logs and gas fireplaces provide you with all the warmth and comfort of wood fires without the mess.

Simply have your trusted propane source in Greenville, SC refill your propane tank and do a little fall and spring cleaning and you’re set. No chopping wood, or running out to the wood shed for more logs during snowstorms. In the end, you’ll have the same beautiful fire and incredible warmth with a lot less work.

  • Fireplaces Provide Reliable Heat- Winter storms are bound to bring power outages. When you have a gas fireplace, you can have a heating source you can
    rely on during any type of weather. They are also an excellent source of light, and, if needed can be used to cook some meals.
  • Gas Logs and Fireplaces Provide Low-Cost Heat- Heating costs is one of the main concerns of homeowners in our beautiful region. Propane gas logs and gas fireplaces can provide incredible warmth at a much lower cost. In fact, a fireplace can provide heat for 1000 square feet quickly, with lasting results. Our experts can help you choose the the perfect setup that works best for your space.
  • Provide the Same Look and Feel of Real Wood- With today’s craftsmanship, you can get that same cozy feeling from gas logs that you do from wood. In fact, depending on the style you choose, no one will know the difference.

Start Enjoying Your Fireplace Today

Buchanan Fire and Outdoor has everything you need to get a fireplace set up and installed in your home before the first snowfall. We have been providing propane and fireplace supplies for the Greenville, SC area since 1974. We love providing our friends and neighbors with excellent service and beautiful customized fireplaces. Call us today at 864-834-5226 and start relaxing by the warm glow of your fireplace right away.


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