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Hearth-to-Hearth: How you can Maintain Fireplaces in Greenville, SC

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Of all the things in the home that could be left out, discarded, or upgraded, the fireplace remains to be the one irreplaceable fixture that would not be obliterated or neglected for the emotional value it offers to home dwellers. There’s still quite nothing like sitting down with your family on a cold night, before a burning hearth, and simply enjoying each other’s presence.

Burning Fireplace
Many homeowners prefer the homey touch of traditional wood-burning fireplaces; the catch is, this conventional type will need real maintenance and cleaning if you must prevent fire on your hands (or in your house). Here then, are a few things homeowners must do to take care of their fireplaces in Greenville, SC.


Conventional fireplaces aren’t equipped with safety plugs or fuses to make things less stressful for you when trouble starts brewing. Thus, it becomes even more important to make sure you have the unit regularly checked by a reputable chimney professional. Inspections and regular chimney sweeps should be done at least once a year. Look out for signs of soot or other debris that might be collecting, as these could contribute to fires.


When doing inspections, be on the lookout for creosote, a dark, brown oil commonly used as a wood preservative. If the wood you’re using isn’t burning properly, creosote can accumulate in your chimney, and since the substance is very flammable, it could only spell danger for you and the rest of your family unless you get rid of it as soon as possible.

Heat Proof

According to an article by DIY Network, you can even turn your fireplace more energy-efficient:

“Also, to improve your wood-burning fireplace’s efficiency, consider installing heat-proof glass doors to protect against heat loss and a fan or blower to direct the heat into the room. Doors also are a safety feature, since they can keep live embers from escaping the fireplace into the interior of the home. Glass doors should be cleaned regularly with a paper towel and glass fireplace door cleaner.”

Choosing Fuel

Make sure that you only burn seasoned wood on your furnace, that is to say, dense ones like oak, which has been split and stored in a dry place for about six months. Soft and resinous wood, as well as green wood might not burn as efficiently as dry hardwood. They also tend to produce much more creosote than the latter.

If you’re looking for reliable supplies for your fireplace, you can check out the gas logs from Greenville, SC suppliers, such as Buchanan Fire and Outdoor. Always remember that a functioning fireplace, while an excellent addition to any cozy home, can present real dangers if you neglect to have the hearth cleaned and maintained regularly.


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