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Home’s Hearth: Safe and Efficient Gas Logs for Greenville, SC Homes

The cold winter season that South Carolina gets prompts households to install equipment that will help keep residents warm. In particular, the use of heating products powered by propane gas in Greenville, SC and in other parts of the state is very popular. After all, propane costs nearly two times lower than electricity. Additionally, it is clean burning gas, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly energy sources available.

vented gas logs

Propane is a popular fuel choice for such home heating devices like furnaces and fireplaces. While the traditional method of burning logs has a charm all its own, its efficiency pales in comparison to that of propane fireplace options, including gas logs.

Gas logs often come in two forms based on their functions. Vented gas logs are commonly installed in houses with chimneys so that the gases that the gas log emit can be released outside the house. Even in homes without a chimney, gas logs can also be used through the installation of special pipes for venting. An article in describes how vented gas logs work:

“Vented gas logs can take the place of wood in a traditional hearth and chimney. You can choose a unit that burns either natural or propane gas, but both types are always burned with the damper open.

Gas fireplaces are not a solution for a problem chimney. If the chimney is damaged, dirty, or doesn’t draw air well enough to burn wood, it is not suitable for gas logs.

Chimneys previously used to burn wood should be professionally cleaned to remove creosote before gas logs are used.”

The other form of gas log is a vent-free gas log. The fire that burns in this type is usually quite hot that it releases very little amounts of carbon monoxide and soot. A ventless gas log also has a system that automatically turns off the gas before the carbon monoxide level in the room rises to a dangerous level. As with vented gas logs, the ventless system should also be kept away from easily combustible objects, and should not be left unattended.

In using gas logs for Greenville, SC homes, it is important to always follow manufacturers’ specifications, from installation to actual use. Trusted suppliers, such as Buchanan Fire and Outdoor, can help homeowners with the right installation and maintenance techniques for a safe and efficient usage.

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