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How Barbecue Smokers Can Take Your Cooking to a Whole Different Level

Read How Barbecue Smokers Make All the Difference

Cooking food on a barbecue smoker is sweeping the nation.  Why?  Simply because you get a completely different taste from the food you cook on a BBQ smoker.  Many people in fact believe that only true BBQ comes via a BBQ smoker.

So why does food on a barbecue smoker taste so good?  Believe it or not it’s the smoke.  “Good Housekeeping” magazine did a blind taste test in 1998 to see if tasters could tell the difference between food cooked via gas or charcoal.  Their findings showed that tasters couldn’t determine a distinct flavor difference in foods which were on the grill for a short time like boneless chicken and hamburgers.  However the taste test revealed that there was a distinct flavor difference when the tasters sampled steak cooked on both.  “Good Housekeeping” attributed this to the amount of time the steaks were on the grill, that they had more time to absorb the smoke and thus a different flavor.

So how does one get that great “smoke” taste in their food?  The basics of smoking food on a barbecue smoker is using indirect heat, fuel which will provide smoke (wood, pellets, lump charcoal), and something which will contain the smoke.  Time is also a factor when cooking with a bbq smoker.  The longer you smoke it, the more smokey flavor the food will have.  Temperature control is key regarding smoking food.  There’s a saying in the bbq smoking world, “Low and Slow”, meaning low temperature and cooking it slowly.  Some of the world’s renowned BBQ champions cook their food for up to 12-15 hours, but great tasting food can be created with much less time.  There are a couple of reasons to keep the temperature low within your smoker.  You want to give the smoke enough time to be absorbed into the food.  Another reason is that cooking the meat slowly tenderizes the food.  Have you ever had fall off the bone ribs?  Often times these have been cooked slowly to create that effect.  One last reason to cook your meat slowly, the Collegen in meat will breakdown over time when cooked slowly into a variety of sugars.  These sugars give the meat a sweet flavor.

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