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How to Keep a Fireplace Using Gas Logs Clean and Operating Efficiently

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Turning on a fireplace is a great way to take the chill away on a winter evening. Aside from the warmth it can provide homes in Greenville, SC and elsewhere, this type of gas fireplace offers many advantages compared to a traditional wood-burning fireplace. In order to make the most of your fireplace using gas logs, be sure to follow these important safety and maintenance tips.

Clean the Glass

About once per month, you will need to clean the gas log fireplace doors with an appropriate type of glass cleaner. Regular cleaning of the glass allows them to maintain transparency. It also removes any dust or dirt that could cause unpleasant smells if it is burned or heated. It’s important that both sides of the glass are cleaned. Do this a few hours before you plan to turn on the propane gas in your home.

Keep a Fireplace Using Gas Logs Clean

Dust the Gas Logs

Gas log fireplaces that are fueled by propane gas require much less maintenance than other fireplaces. If it has been more than a month since you last used your fireplace, however, you should perform a visual check and remove any dust, lint, or dirt that has collected on the logs. Since gas logs make no ashes and require no pellets, there is nothing else that you need to do between professional maintenance visits.

Check the Gasket

The rubber gasket where the propane gas leaves the pipe can degrade over time. Before each use of your gas log fireplace, you should check the gasket. The gasket should not have cracks and should not have any peeling or blistered spots. If you find any anomalies, call a professional that provides repair services before using the fireplace.

Check the Outdoor Vent

For vented fireplaces, the outdoor vent allows the waste products of combustion to be removed from the chimney to the outdoors. Check the vent opening to ensure that no plants, tree branches, or leaves are blocking it. Additionally, check for signs that animals such as birds or squirrels have not gained access to the vent or have left debris in it. These animals may try to come inside during the nesting season or try to access it to find shelter during periods of inclement weather.


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