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Living Up to Tradition Through Quality BBQ Smokers in Greenville, SC

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When it comes to grilling meat, one of the first places that comes into people’s minds is South Carolina, along with its neighboring areas. Their barbecue (or BBQ) tradition goes a long way and is being celebrated by residents, as well as guests and visitors from other parts of the country. Proof of which are the establishment of the South Carolina Barbecue Association and the annual BBQ Cook-Off and Festival, as reported in the Greenville Online article.

Annual Barbecue

“In North Carolina, for example, sauces are not allowed,” he said. “The only requirement is that the meat be well-cooked and the skin be crispy. We also require our judges to attend a seminar on what makes good barbecue and then go to a newbie table for four events where they are under the guidance of a longtime judge. No one else in the nation does that.”

The proof is in the product, and it is in barbecue industry growth.

Though it can be said that different areas have their own unique tastes and cooking styles, the fact remains that in order to enjoy the finished product in all its glory, the meat has to be cooked the proper way, regardless of the ingredients being used. One of the driving forces that help fuel the barbecue culture and tradition are the quality BBQ smokers in Greensville, SC. As summer gets more intense, it is a perfect time to arrange a cookout right in your backyard, and using dependable smokers is a must.

One of the first things homeowners should look for in BBQ smokers is versatility, which is a key element in achieving certain grilling techniques and results. There are quality smokers and BBQ grills in Greensville, SC that allows the use of wood chips or lump charcoal, depending on the cooks’ preference. Moreover, these grills can also be used for other purposes like baking breads, pastries, and pizzas, among others.

As far as choosing the brands, it is always wise to go for the more established ones, like Primo and Grill Dome, to name a few, which are carried by reputable suppliers like Buchanan Fire & Outdoor. Events like the annual BBQ Cook-Off and Festival gives locals a chance to enjoy the best grills in town, but by having your topnotch smoker, you don’t need to wait another year to enjoy scrumptious food and a memorable outdoor cooking experience.

(Source: “Annual barbecue cook-off features pork, chicken and so much more,” Greenville Online, April 24, 2014)

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