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Creating Your Own Outdoor Kitchen in Greenville SC

Everything You Need to Know About Building an Outdoor Kitchen in Greenville SC

Everyone wants that special place they can go to at the end of a hard day. We all dream of a retreat from the world that waits only for us. If you’re building your outdoor kitchen in Greenville, SC be sure to call the outdoor kitchen and living space experts at Buchanan Fire and Outdoor in Greenville, SC. We have over 40 years of experience helping clients make their dreams a reality.


Crafting the Perfect Outdoor Living Area

Designing your outdoor entertainment space can be a difficult task. The options are endless, and the requirements can be confusing. Don’t get overwhelmed; we’re here to help. If you stick to these simple tips, you’ll be able to look at all of those options and get the best outdoor entertainment space and kitchen for your home.

Choosing a Location– This may seem like a no-brainer, but choosing the right location is the most important decision for outdoor grilling and kitchens. Make sure you consider the following:

  • Water- Often, the water used for an outdoor entertainment space comes from a hose faucet or the regular irrigation system. Make sure you can reach those lines for continuous water flow to your sink.
  • Wind- Which direction does the wind usually blow? Finding the general wind direction can help you avoid having smoky dinner parties. If you are choosing to have shelter, consider venting options that might be needed for outdoor grilling.
  • Shade- Don’t forget to plan for sun and rain. Adding a slightly shaded area or designing the layout of your outdoor grill will help you use it all year long.
  • Access- You want to make your outdoor space easily accessible to and from the house. Consider where the easiest pathways are and how far you want to travel.
  • Views- Don’t forget to consider the views that you’ll have both from inside your home and outside in your grilling space. Choose an area that won’t take away from the beauty or your home or have your guests looking at a blank space.

The layout of Your Outdoor Kitchen– Designing the perfect outdoor space includes finding the layout that works for you. Consider these tips as you plan.

  • Create Zones- Make sure you have different areas for prepping food, cooking food, dining, and cleaning up. Avoid the common mistake of creating a small prep area and a large dining area. Consider who you’ll be cooking for and how large your parties will be before you finish your design.
  • Include Storage- Don’t forget to add storage for plates, glasses, cooking tools and other items that you plan to use often in your new outdoor space.
  • Don’t Forget Disposal- Adding a built-in garbage shoot makes cooking and clean-up much easier. Forget the old garbage can and instead choose a sleeker design that stays out of your way and keeps garbage out of sight.

Choosing Options That Work for You– When you’re planning your outdoor living area, consider what options best fit your needs. Some options to consider include:

  • Built-In Grills- Stationary, built-in grills offer easy and beautiful cooking options for parties of all sizes. The team at Buchanan Fire and Outdoor can discuss a variety of grill options to fit your plan.
  • Outdoor Fireplaces- Grills aren’t the only way to cook outdoors. Consider adding an outdoor fireplace along with your grill or fire-pit to get the relaxing sensation of an open flame.
  • Refrigeration- An outdoor refrigerator, wine chiller, or even built-in cooler increase your options and make cooking outside easier. We highly suggest including refrigeration as part of your overall plan as well.
  • Outdoor Heaters- You don’t have to give up your favorite spot when winter comes. Place a couple of outdoor heaters and continue enjoying your private oasis all year long.

Looking at all of the options can feel overwhelming.  If you’re thinking of building an outdoor kitchen in Greenville SC, be sure to plan each part of your design, step by step, with the experts at Buchanan Fire and Outdoor in Greenville, SC. We’ll answer your questions along the way and find the perfect fit for your private backyard getaway. Call us today at 864-834-5226 or toll-free at 800-273-7209. We’ll help you create the retreat of your dreams.

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