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Outdoor Living Space Planning in Greenville SC

The Perfect Time to Plan Your Greenville SC Outdoor Living Space


Winter is finally thawing out and spring is on our doorstep. Now is the perfect time to start planning your outdoor additions. The team at Buchanan Fire and Outdoor has the expertise, knowledge, and top rated products to build you the perfect outdoor entertainment space. For over 40 years, our family owned and operated business has been bringing customers the best in service and quality. Here’s why experts suggest you should start planning your outdoor kitchen now.  greenville-sc-outdoor-living-space

More Time to Plan- If you are hoping to have an outdoor entertainment space ready in time for summer fun or fall marshmallow roasting, you need to start planning early. You probably already have some ideas in your head of features you want. Make a list and bring them to the most trusted trusted fire and grill supplier in the Greenville, SC area. Here are just a few options to consider:

  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Outdoor Fireplace
  • Outdoor Brickoven
  • Attached Drop In Cooler
  • Outdoor Refrigerator

Start your outdoor living space planning early and the sky’s the limit. Plus, our experts can help guide you through the process. We’ll help you understand your options and make the best choices to fit the available space and your personal needs.

Get the Build Underway- Once you’ve got your plan started, you can get your build underway. Starting in Spring lets you take advantage of lower temperatures. The ground is softer but not too soft, making it easier for digging. Moderate weather translates to more efficient and effective building time. In fact, concrete pouring issues will happen when it’s too hot or too cold outside. Start your build in spring or early summer and it will go more smoothly.

Summer Is  Coming- Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day are all right around the corner.  Plus, there’s graduations, wedding season, and a whole lot of other summer fun coming your way. What’s a good summer celebration without a full barbeque? Your outdoor entertainment space is the perfect place to throw parties or just relax with friends and family. Include an outdoor kitchen in your plans and you’ll have everything you need right at your hands. No more running in and out and through the house to get one more thing.

Winter Is Coming-  We’ve all heard this one right? Well, cold weather isn’t too far behind your summer fun. Imagine coming home to your own private retreat. You can sit by your outdoor fireplace with a soothing glass of wine or enjoy s’mores by the fire with your family.

Increase Value, Space, and Time- An outdoor entertainment space increases the value of your home by adding space and time to your property. How do you add time? Simple. Add outdoor additions like a full kitchen, built-in grill or outdoor fireplace. These additions give you the option to spend more time outside in almost any type of weather. More and more houses are adding these options. So if you’re looking to compete in the housing market, they’re a great addition.

No matter what kind of outdoor living space you choose, from full kitchens to grills to fireplaces, we have you covered. Call Buchanan Outdoor Fire and Outdoor at 864-834-5226 or toll-free at 800-276-7209. We’ll help you design your new outdoor space just in time for summer.


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