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Why You Should Consider Buying Pellet Grills

 Pellet Grills Can Make You a Grill Master

Have you dreamed of slow cooking your briskets and ribs? Do you love the idea of a delicious, grilled steak but can’t quite reach that perfect flavor? The new pellet grilling option could catapult your grilling dreams into blue ribbon realities. The Pellet Grill experts at Buchanan Fire and Outdoor in Greenville, SC love introducing our clients to the versatility and ease that comes with cooking on these incredible grilling machines.  pellet-grills-in-greenville-sc

What Is a Wood Pellet Grill?

If you’re new to the world of grilling or simply like to stick to traditional grills and smokers, you may not have heard pellet grills. Unlike slow smokers, these grills use compressed pellets made of wood shavings and sawdust. These little pellets can create a natural heat that is easier to control and a lot less messy. The system was created by Treager, one of our favorite brands to carry at Buchanan Fire and Outdoor.

With the pellet grilling system, an electrical current is used to convey wood pellets into the cooker and onto an ignition rod. Blowers inside the grill allow for better temperature control and continued cooking. The result is quick, easy, and delicious food that rivals any slow cooker or traditional grill.

Grilling for Fun and Flavor

In the past, grilling award-winning recipes took a lot of time and work. With the introduction of the pellet system, even slow cooking brisket can be simple and swift. Here are a few ways pellet grills make grilling delicious and fun.

Easy As One, Two, Three- One of the things die-hard pellet grillers love is how easy it is to cook food on these grills. You simply add the number of pellets you want and set the temperature. There’s no constant stoking the flames or hours of waiting.

Endless Flavor Options for Mouthwatering Food- Just like traditional wood-burning grills, there are several different wood pellet flavors available. Green Mountain Grills make some of the best pellet grilling systems and wood pellets in the business. Some of our favorite options include:

  • Apple
  • Mesquite
  • Oak
  • Hickory

You can choose to stick to one flavor or mix them up as you choose. Unlike smokers, you can control that smoky flavor better and create delicate tastes that aren’t too overwhelming.

Versatile Grilling Options- The wood pellets that are used for grilling will never burst or flare. This means you can use your wood pellet grill for a variety of grilling options. You can grill, bake, roast, braise, and smoke your favorite dishes to perfection.

Temperature Control for Fool-Proof Cooking- Controlling the temperature on traditional grills can be difficult. With wood pellet cooking, it’s easy. The temperature range is wide and easily controlled. You can choose to take your time cooking at a low temperature or have a fast dinner at a higher temperature.

Say Goodbye to Unevenly Cooked Food- Getting perfectly cooked food on a traditional grill can be difficult. If you’re looking for that perfect medium steak or a thoroughly grilled fish, using wood pellet grilling is the answer.

These grills follow the same design as a convection oven so the heat is circulated evenly around your food. They also watch the temperature for you so if the heat dies down; pellets are automatically added for even heating.

Quick and Easy Heat Up- Since these grills use an electrical rod to start the heat, you don’t have to wait forever for a flame. In fact, most pellet grilling systems take only ten or fifteen minutes to heat up. This means you can get dinner on the grill and ready in no time.

Easy Clean-Up- Pellets don’t burn as much ash as charcoal, wood, or even gas grills. This makes for a much easier clean-up when you’re done.

If you’re interested in wood pellet grills or just curious, come see the pros at Buchanan Fire and Outdoor in Greenville, SC. We’ll answer all your questions and help you find the perfect grilling system for your home. Call us today at 864-834-5226 or toll-free at 800-273-7209.



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