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Comfort Geni Geni 6xr Room to Room Register Fan With Remote Control

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Wood and Pellet Stove Fans


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Comfort Geni Geni 6xr Room to Room Register Fan With Remote Control

Energy Efficient Room to Room Fans
The Comfort Geni grants 3 Wishes: 1. It can move warm air from room to room. 2. It can move warm air from level to level. 3. It can boost register output from central HVAC systems. You know how much wonderful warmth and comfort a wood or gas stove brings to a room. Comfort Geni lets you move the warmth to other rooms and levels, making the who house toasty. The more you distribute the warmth, the more energy and money you save!

  • Comfort Geni Balances Temperature From Room To Room And Level To Level Pulling Air In From A Neighboring Room
  • Maximizes The Area Your Wood Or Pellet Stove Heats And Reduces The Need For Additional Sources Of Heat By Balancing Warmth
  • Easy To Install For Any DIY Home Owner
  • Uses Energy Efficient DC Motors To Achieve A Total Running Cost Of Just $5.00 Per Year
  • 8’ Power Cord Is Easily Removed When Not In Use – 10’ Power Cord Extension Included
  • Boosts Airflow From Your HVAC System Up To 60%
  • Has Library-Quiet DC Fans
  • Built-In Programmable Temperature Sensor With Automatic On/Off – Operates Automatically, Only When You Need It
  • Comfort Geni’s 3-Speed (High, Medium, Low) 12 VDC Brushless Fan Motors Use Only 14 Watts
  • Fan, Heat, And Cool Settings For Use In All Seasons
  • Power Requirement: 115 VAC Converted To Safe 12 VDC 500 mA
  • Distributes Heat From Any Space Heater To Another Room
  • Blends Into Any Decor And Fits Flush To The Floor, Wall Or Ceiling
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
COMFORT GENI 6xr SPECS: Finish Size: 13 7/8″W x 7 5/8″
H Cut Out Size: 9 5/8″W x 5 5/8″H x 2″D
Fan Speed: 1,200 – 1,800 RPM Sound Level: 32-35dBA


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