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Hargrove Canyon Wildfire Vented Gas Logs – Convertible Safety Pilot

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Hargrove Gas Logs





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Hargrove Canyon Wildfire Vented Gas Logs – Convertible Safety Pilot

Radiant Heat Gas Logs With High Performance Tech 9000 Burner System
Vented Gas Logs That Provide up To 40% Radiant Heat! Canyon Wildfire is a charred series gas log system, created to give the appearance of a natural campfire. It achieves this by creating a log stack of smaller pieces in the bottom of the set, with larger pieces stacked on top, and warm embers in the middle. Canyon Wildfire was a 2005 finalist for the prestigious Vesta Award for gas logs.

  • Convertible Valve Reduces Inventory By 2/3!
  • Canyon Wildfire’s Amazing Flames And Hand-Crafted Logs Create A Realistic Campfire Appearance
  • Designed With A Base Of Small Charred Logs Topped With Larger Freshly Cut Logs Allows A Spectacular View Of Radiant Glowing Embers Throughout The Set
  • Tech 9000 Burner System With Flames Rolling Up The Front & Between Logs Creates A Spectacular On Fire Appearance
  • Hidden Convertible Valve On Tech 9000 HP Safety Pilot Burners Ensures The Most Natural Appearance
  • 3 In 1 Convertible Tech 9000 Burner Comes Standard As A Manual Safety Pilot – Burner Converts To An On/Off Or Variable Remote Control Burner With Remote Control Kit
  • Electronic Ignition Burner Features A Remote Control Ignition System To Light The Pilot – Remote Sold Separately (S1001)
  • Burners Include Sand (NA Gas) Or Black Embers (LP Gas), Connector Kit, And Deluxe Black Glowing Embers
  • Complies With ANSI Z21.60 A-2000/CSA 2.26A-2000 For Installation In Wood Burning Fireplaces
  • Warranty: Logs Lifetime; Burner Pan: 5 Years; Valves: 2 Years

Optional Remote Controls: RCAF-LMF or RCAF-LMFV For Safety Pilot. S1001-A For Electronic On/Off Ignition

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