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Mason-Lite 33″ Firebox Kit

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Mason-Lite 33″ Firebox Kit

The33″ FIREBOX KIT – Use 12″ Class A UL103 Chimney – Inc (1) MFP525 Mason-Lite was started in 2005 by a group of individuals who together, have over 100 years of experience in the fireplace manufacturing business. Made in the U.S.A. means lower shipping & handling costs, more affordable pricing and reliable quality. With Mason-Lite you can quickly and easily add value and luxury to your home. Optional Mason-Lite brick panels are available in all standard sizes in Split Herringbone & Full Running Bond.The Masonry Chimney is available for indoor and outdoor installations in 14″. The Mason-Lite Optional Arch is available in 49″ size that can be adjusted down to 44″.   -Light weight construction with multiple firebox sizes available -IndoorI Outdoor, wood burning, natural and propane gas, systems -Approved for multi-story combustible wood floor installations -Superior thermal efficiencies, with the highest resistance strength at 28 days -Complies with UL127 & UL103 chimney component standards -Limited lifetime warranty

  • MFP33: 33″ FIREBOX KIT -°©‐ Use 12″ Class A UL103 Chimney -°©‐ Inc (1) MFP530
  • MFP33-P: 33″ FIREBOX KIT -°©‐ With 2′ MASONRY CHIMNEY & (1) MFP530
  • MFP33-PD: 33″ FIREBOX KIT -­‐ 2′ MAS. CHIMNEY, (1) MFP530 & MFP33-­‐SHBL


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MFP33, MFP33‐P, MFP33‐PD

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