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Waterscape Fountain Kit

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Product Description

The Waterscape Surround Fountain Kit includes one Sonoma Sandstone Bubbling Rock and one Mesa Sandstone Bubbling Rock. Water bubbles out of the top of each rock and flows down the face creating a beautiful scene with the peaceful sound of flowing water.
Made From Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete – Strong And Lightweight
Rocks Molded From Natural Stone And Hand Finished For Unparalleled Realism
Acid – Based Stain For Long Lasting Color
Environmentally Friendly – Simple Set Up
Included Pond-Less Water Kit Has No Standing Pool Of Water
Easy Maintenance
Pump Requires 110 Volt Ground Fault Interrupter Outlet
Warranty: Bubbling Rock – 1 Year; Water Pump – 3 Years

Size: 48″W x 40″H
Weight: 610 lbs.

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