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Propane Gas Service

Very Competitive Prices - Propane Gas Service Greenville, SC

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Buchanan Fire and Outdoor has been in the home heating service since 1974. We are a locally owned family propane gas company providing service to Greenville, SC, Spartanburg, SC and the entire Upstate SC area. We’ve grown our business over the past 30 years by providing affordable products and by providing the knowledgeable and friendly service you should expect from your propane gas provider. We’re able to meet any of your propane needs no matter if you’re looking to refill your gas grill propane tank, want to install a propane heating system in your home or business, or use it for commercial use.

Advantages of Propane

So what are the benefits of using propane as an energy source? Propane gas has been found by the Environmental Protection Agency to have fewer greenhouse gas emissions than many other heating sources including electricity. It is the perfect energy solution for a long list of appliances and applications from your dryer to even your vehicles.

Some other advantages of propane are:

  • Cost Savings – Propane gas is an exceptional value when it comes to energy cost. It has become the choice of many homes and businesses in Greenville, SC and the surrounding area. The U.S. Department of Energy says that heating a home with gas, on average, costs half as much as heating with electricity. 
  • Better Performance. Propane furnaces generate warmer air than standard electric heating systems, and heat your spaces significantly faster. Gas furnaces run much cleaner than fuel oil furnaces, emitting virtually no soot, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and oxides of nitrogen, which are major pollutants. 
  • Safety. They provide gas heat capability without the homeowner being near a natural gas pipeline. 
  • Easy Installation and maintenance. It is easy to install propane in any home, no matter what kind of fuel source you currently use for home heating. Generally, propane furnaces last years longer than heat pumps and other types of heating units. 

Given today’s current utility costs, propane gas is a very economical way to address many of your day-to-day household needs. From clothes dryers, water heaters, cooking stoves, to whole home heating systems, propane can save you thousands in just a few years. We find homes that use propane in these ways quickly recoup any costs to outfit the house with propane appliances within just a few years.

So why aren’t you using propane today

If you’ve been looking for a home heating alternative and you want to take advantage of Buchanan Fire and Outdoors aggressive pricing on propane, give us a call today at 800-273-7209 so we can help you with setting up your propane service.