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Now is the Time to Fill Your Propane Tanks

Why Now is the Time to Get Your Propane Tanks Filled


Now is the perfect time to get your propane tanks refilled before cooler weather settles in. The team at Buchanan Fire and Outdoor has been installing and filling propane tanks since 1974. Our business is locally owned and operated so we know the needs of our neighbors and friends in Traveller’s Rest and Greenville, SC. Here are just a few reasons why this is the perfect time to get your propane tank refilled. 

  • Avoid Fluctuating Prices, Save Money!- Propane production usually remains the same year-round. So, what causes those sudden spikes in propane prices? Supply and demand. Since most propane is used for heating costs, those prices can really go up during cold winter months.
  • The road-trips and vacations of summertime can also hike up propane prices. Propane prices often follow trends for crude oil and natural oil. During summer, when everyone goes on vacation, prices can spike. This makes fall one of the best times of year to save money on your propane tank refills.
  • Weather is Unpredictable- In our beautiful little area of Greenville, SC propane tank refills can also be affected by weather. Cold snaps are common during late autumn and early winter.

Sudden severe cold weather can hit at any time. You don’t want to be without heat when that surprise snow storm hits or cold snap sets in. Being prepared with fall propane tank refills will help you get the heat you need when you need it. 

  • Low Demand- The comfortable temperatures and end of vacations in early fall create a lower demand for propane. Getting your propane tank refilled early means you don’t have to wait for the propane to travel from a production center to your local propane supplier in Greenville, SC. Putting off your refill could leave you paying double your regular price and waiting way past 
  • Safety- People tend to procrastinate, even when it comes to propane refills. Waiting to get your propane tank filled could put you and your family in danger. Extremely cold weather can create propane shortages across the country.

Your Propane Tank Experts in Greenville SC

In our area, temperatures can get below freezing from November to January or even as late as March. Due to the cold weather, power outages and propane shortages are more likely to occur during winter months. Homes can lose heat with a couple of hours depending on the insulation.  Scheduling your propane tank refill or installation in the fall will keep your family safe and warm all season long. 

  • Fall and Winter Family Fun- Another reason to get your propane tanks filled is to be prepared for family gatherings like football games, Thanksgiving and other winter holidays. No one wants to be in the middle of their super bowl party and running out of gas for your grill. Even worse, you don’t want your house full of holiday guests without heat because you forgot to get your propane tank refilled.

Don’t be left out in the cold or go bankrupt trying to fill up your propane tank in the middle of winter. Call Buchanan Fire and Outdoor at 864-834-5226 to schedule your propane tank refill. We offer competitive prices, friendly service, and reliable propane tank refills in Greenville, SC and the surrounding areas. Let us keep your family safe and warm all winter long.

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