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Quality Barbecue Grills in Greenville, SC for Safety and Tasty Steaks

Nothing satiates a strong craving for meat better than a tenderly grilled steak. Unsurprisingly, a month-long celebration in honor of the culinary practice is being observed: July is National Grilling Month. In relation to this, an article on safe grilling was posted at the NFPA’s Safety Source blog:

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), this is the month to focus on all things grilling and food safety. It make sense to me because as you’ve heard us mention many times before, June and July are peak months for grilling incidents. Consider NFPA’s 2013 report on cooking equipment fires, which states that gas grills were involved in an annual average of 7,200 home fires in 2007-2001, while charcoal grills and other solid-fueled grills were responsible for an annual average of 1,400 home fires.

With all of this said, it’s so important to consider all the right moves when it comes to grilling this summer season – let’s lower these statistics.

You can’t just toss meat on a grill’s surface and consider things done. There are factors like equipment and safety precautions that you always have to bear in mind.

celebrate national grilling month with safety tips from nfpa and the usda

Grilling is one of the favorite family activities in America, characterized by a cape of smoke and scrumptious meat. Of course, efforts in cooking the perfect steak won’t mean anything without the proper grilling equipment to attain the best output. In fact, having a complete set of grill equipment is not just about luxury or cooking the juiciest porterhouse steak, but it’s also a matter of safety.

Taking extra precaution is a must. There are countless grilling accidents that occur in the United States each year, and these accidents ruin celebrations and damage homes. Most people grill with incomplete accessories, using other things as substitutes (e.g. using grill pans instead of high-quality barbecue grills in Greenville, SC or other areas), and these can be harmful, as they are not entirely meant for grilling. Moreover, food cooked by real grills are entirely and significantly different compared to food cooked in grill pans or other improvised cooking devices.

Knowing what grill you will use, whether it’s a pellet, gas grill, or a smoker is vital. Pellet grills are for people who do not have enough time to manage a fire. Gas grills are the most convenient kind of grills as they can cook a variety of food like meat and vegetables. BBQ Smokers in Greenville, SC are for those who really want the smoky barbecue quality and flavor, and they can also be used for bread and pastries.

Finally, see to it that you only purchase grills and grill accessories from leading providers like Buchanan Fire and Outdoor.

(Source: Celebrate National Grilling Month with safety tips from NFPA and the USDA, Safety Source, July 15, 2014)

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