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Quality Gas Logs in Greenville SC for Better Fireplace Management

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Summer is a season when monthly electric bills shoot up significantly, as homeowners in South Carolina and other parts of the country use all sorts of items just to improve indoor temperature and comfort. Though gas log fireplaces are used scarcely during this season, they are still capable of consuming and wasting energy, without you even realizing it. As the article from How Stuff Works explains.

Conserve Energy

“Gas-log fireplaces are equipped with either a standing pilot light (one that is lit all the time) or with electronic ignition. The electronic-ignition models are much more energy efficient because they burn only when they are turned on.

Standing pilots, on the other hand, burn constantly, wasting a lot of gas when they aren’t needed. It is not unusual to find one blazing away in a fireplace during the heat of summer when the probability of someone starting a fire is very remote. If you have a gas-log fireplace with a standing pilot light, consider learning how to shut it off – at least during the summer months.”

Though gas logs in Greensville, SC are crafted to do the same thing, the fact remains that they are not made equal, as some are simply superior to others in a number of ways. Being mindful of the quality is a must, but looking into the other details and features translates to a wiser purchase. What you would want to go for are gas logs that come with user-friendly features, which contribute to your home’s energy-efficiency and improve the way you manage your fireplace.

The article mentions that homeowners should learn how to shut off the standing pilot light of their gas log fireplaces, but people oftentimes get too busy with a lot of things and forget to attend to smaller details. What you can do is replace your old and existing gas logs with new ones that offer remote access and control of the electronic ignition and electronic pilot. Moreover, you would also want to have better management of your fireplace’s gas consumption so pick something that allows remote variable flame control.

Go for suppliers of gas logs that are made by some of the leading manufacturers that have built a solid reputation through the years. Additionally, trusted sources like Buchanan Fire & Outdoor promote the use of propane gas in Greenville, SC homes, particularly in fireplaces. Propane is a better option as it is safer and more cost-efficient.

(Source: “How to Conserve Energy at Home,” How Stuff Works)

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