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Reduce Heating Bills with Help from Greenville, SC Fireplaces Company

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Every time the weather grows colder, homeowners’ concerns about the costs of heating grow along with it. For sure, the cost of electric heat can be astronomical when the temperatures drop. With winter temperatures in Greenville usually in the 30s to 40s, homeowners need any tips they can to save money on heating bills. If used properly, fireplaces can be a great way to accomplish just that.

reduce heating bills

Gas or Wood?

A gas fireplace is the simplest way to heat your home. They are easy to use, do not make any mess, and can be installed anywhere since they do not require a chimney. They can run off propane or natural gas, though natural gas is generally less expensive and produces more heat.

Gas fireplaces are significantly more efficient that wood. You can get 75 to 99 percent of your fuel’s energy back as heat with gas compared to just 10 to 30 percent with wood fireplaces. If you don’t already have a gas fireplace, there are reputable dealers of fireplaces and gas logs in Greenville, SC such as Buchanan Fire and Outdoor to help you. These experts can help you find the right one for your space.

While less efficient, the ambiance provided by the crackling of a wood fire can’t be beat on a cold winter’s night. Likewise, depending on where you live, wood can be significantly cheaper than gas. A wood stove is a more efficient choice than a standard open fireplace since it pulls in less air, can reach hotter temperatures, and gives off heat in all directions. There are a number of places to purchase wood stoves and fireplaces in Greenville, SC.

Tips to Increase Efficiency

Regardless of the type of fireplace you choose, there are simple steps you can take to increase its efficiency. Turn on ceiling fans in their backwards setting to help pull warm air up into a room. Close doors to rooms that are not occupied to help keep the heat where you need it. For a wood fireplace, learn to correctly use a damper and only burn properly-seasoned wood. Lastly, have your fireplace inspected yearly by a certified company to ensure it is safe and ready for operation.

Fireplaces not only add a cozy and welcoming feel to your home, they can also be a great way to reduce heating costs this winter. Today’s homeowner can choose between a wide variety of gas or wood burning models to fit any space or budget.

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