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There is nothing like grilling your next meal on an open fire! Man has been grilling since the dawn of time; luckily grilling has evolved quite a bit and removed the guess work out of making the perfect open flame meal. At Buchanan Fire and Outdoor we are committed to supplying you with the highest quality BBQ grills and accessories. Our wide selection of barbeque grills includes gas grills, charcoal grills, smokers, and pellet grills. We have a large variety of barbecue grills in our showroom with even more available in available via our online store. We want to make purchasing a grill as easy as possible for our customers so we are happy to offer FREE shipping on any purchases over $100. If you’re in the Greenville, SC we also offer in home deliver and setup ensuring that your grill is ready to go by dinner time.

If you’re looking for the best BBQ grills in the market, be sure to call or email us and we can help you pick the perfect grill for your cooking style and needs. We carry only the highest quality grills from renowned companies such as Kamado Joe, Green Mountain, Primo, Napoleon, Traeger and many more. Our helpful and dedicated customer service team has years of grilling experience and can pair you with a high quality grill which fits your budget and is sure to be one which lasts you and your family a very long time.

Don’t forget to check out our wide selection of BBQ grilling accessories. We carry a large assortment of charcoal, smoker wood chips, marinades, rubs, temperature probes, grill tools, and we have a large stock of grill replacement parts as well. If you want help finding the perfect BBQ grill, be sure to give one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff at call at 800-273-7209

Pellet Grills

A pellet grill is for people that like the taste of food cooked on a smoker, but don’t have the time to manage a fire for hours.  The pellet fuel is made from tree grindings and saw dust that has been run through a mill and compressed into a pellet.  They closely resemble rabbit food in both shape and size. Here at Buchanan Fire and Outdoor we carry Traeger and Green Mountain Pellet Grills.  We also stock a huge supply of pellets such as apple, hickory, mesquite and oak.  The operation of a pellet grill is very simple just add desired pellets to the hopper, set the thermostat control to the desired temperature, and you’ll be ready for grilling within a matter of minutes and get your flavorful wood smoked food without all the time and hassle.


If you’re wanting that deep rich smoke BBQ taste, then a smoker is the way to go.  We carry only the best BBQ smokers from manufacturers such as Kamado, Primo, and Grill Dome.  Our smokers are versatile fuel grills enabling you to use  lump charcoal or wood chips depending on the type of grilling you’re wanting to do.  With one of these grills you’re able to sear a steak or they can easily be used as a slow cooker to allow you to smoke your favorite foods such as ribs and Boston butt. These grills can also be used as a brick oven for baking pizza, breads, and pastries.  So stop in and see our Kamado Joe, Primo, and Grill Dome lines.  We also carry a huge supply of Premium Hardwood Charcoal and wood chunks that are used in our smokers.

Gas Grills

Gas Grills are a great choice for someone who is looking for the ultimate in convenience and clean up.  These grills are perfect for searing food such as steaks, burgers and vegetables.  Gas Grills are very convenient to use, just connect your gas bottle, turn on the gas, and start cooking.  Gas grills takes very little time to heat up, and are very fuel efficient and low maintenance. At Buchanan Fire and Outdoor we carry a huge inventory of top quality gas grills and we also are able to refill your propane tanks and have some of the most competitive propane prices in town.

Grill Accessories and Replacement Parts

We proudly offer a wide assortment of barbecue grill accessories and grill replacement parts to help make your grilling excursion a huge success.

Just a short list of some of the items we carry:

  • Smoker Wood Chips
  • Barbecue Rubs and Sauces
  • Wide Variety of Charcoal
  • Grilling Tools & Accessories
  • Grill Replacement Parts

Need assistance in finding the perfect BBQ grill, give us a call at 800-273-7209 and our friendly customer service staff will be happy to help you.

Shop Grills & Accessories