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Should You Buy a Welded Steel Fireplace or a Cast Iron Fireplace?

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Wood stoves provide so much more than simply a reliable and efficient heating source. They give you and your family a warm and cozy ambience. Besides this, they deliver a substantial money savings in cheaper costs for heating your house. The main choice in buying fireplaces Greenville, SC models is whether they should be welded steel models or the cast iron varieties.

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The Wood Stove Manufactured Material Makes a Difference

To the casual observer and untrained eye, there might appear to be very few differences between a wood stove made out of welded steel versus one constructed from cast iron. This observation is only partially true. Both cast iron and welded steel variants do provide the same amount of heat, but there are subtle, other differences involved.

Price, aesthetics, and durability are all issues between the different metal materials. For most people, the price will determine from which source material their wood burning stove is made. Oddly enough, the cast iron stoves cost significantly more than do the welded steel ones. This may have something to do with the aesthetically appealing look to the cast iron stoves, and the fact that the material is heavier and can be wrought into beautiful shapes. Ironically though, the cast iron stoves must be rebuilt once every couple of years so that the panel joints will not allow inside leaking air that causes the fire to burn relentlessly and uncontrollably.

Welded steel stoves, on the other hand, look plainer and even simple by comparison. They do cost less, and do not have to be rebuilt as quickly since they are often made from a welded or single final piece of steel. This does not really make the steel stoves so much more durable though.

In the past, the cast iron stoves had an advantage since the parts that suffered the ravages of heat stress could simply be removed and replaced. The steel stove makers caught on and got wise to this and followed suit so that the stressed steel internal parts can similarly be replaced nowadays so that the welded steel stoves are no longer disposable when they begin to wear out. Let the buyer beware though, as cheaper steel stoves are not in fact manufactured with the intent of delivering many years of continued winter utilization. Their key parts are instead likely welded in and irreplaceable. This makes it worth spending a little bit more on a welded steel wood burning stove so that it can have parts replaced and provide many long years of good heating service to your home.

If you do not want to be constantly shoveling wood logs into your new wood burning stove all the time, then consider purchasing gas logs types instead.

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