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Three Accessories for BBQ Smokers to Enhance Your Grilling Experience

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If you thought grilling with BBQ smokers on a perfect summer day in Greenville, SC couldn’t get any better, you’d be sadly mistaken. While smokers are a complete step-up from those outdated, tacky barbecues, they can get even better with the right accessories. Think of it as personalizing your own grill for the kind of feat you plan to cook up and for your unique style of preparing food. That said, if you don’t know where to start, consider these three must-have accessories.

Grill Toppers 

If you like a little variety in your grilled goods, it’s probably not just meat that you put on the smoker. Any seasoned griller knows that some foods could easily stick to the grates, get disintegrated when lifted off, or are just too small that they’d end up falling into the fire. This is why when you buy BBQ grills in Greenville, SC, you should consider throwing grill toppers in your purchase. Grill baskets, for example, are great for cooking those particularly small slices of onions, peppers, tomatoes, and even smaller chunks of meat. Non-stick grill mats, on the other hand, are perfect for grilling delicate cuts of meat, and especially fish. Of course, grill pans and cast iron griddles are great for food items that need to be browned or pan-seared.


Rib Racks

No backyard barbecue party is ever complete without some tasty, perfectly grilled ribs. In this case, cooking for an entire group of people can be challenging since rib grilling requires precision. You’d have to cook them evenly and allow for just enough smoke penetration to get the flavors just right. This is when rib racks will come in handy. Depending on its size and capacity, a rib rack will hold your ribs upright with enough space in between for just the right amount of air flow and smoke. Just make sure to get the stainless kind for easier cleaning, especially if you plan to leave it outside when you’re not grilling.

Grill Brush 

Speaking of cleaning, you’re going to have to clear up all the grease and grime from your grill to keep it in a good state. After all, a dirty smoker can mess with the flavors of the food you grill. You need a heavy duty grill brush for an efficient cleaning. Try to find one that can fit in the hard to reach areas so you don’t miss a spot. While you’re at it, get a grill scraper as well for some tougher stains on your grill.

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