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Tips for Preparing Greenville, SC Barbecue Grills for Spring Cookouts

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When the biting cold of winter dies down and the fresh breeze of spring permeates the air, most people look forward to good picnic days once again, or setting up Greenville, SC barbecue grills in their backyards. It’s time to call up the neighbors and friends for a great, fun outdoor barbecue party. If a summer outdoor barbecue get-together is on your mind, then you should get your barbecue all set up, but first take care of the oils and debris on your grill. Here are some helpful tips that you can try:

Cleaning Tips

Scrub it Up

Your grill might have gathered some dust, dirt and debris while you’ve kept it in storage over the winter, or it might even have some charred leftovers from the last time you used it. Make sure to give your grill a good scrubbing first. Start by detaching the burners and running a wire brush through them for a good, clean shine. Then, you will have to wash the plates and cooking grills with warm, soapy water. Use a brush and a spatula to scrape excess grease from the interiors of your grill.

Check the Gas

Gas barbecues need to have a bit of inspection done on them, particularly with the connectors and hoses that connect the fuel to the ignition source. Here’s a tip from Yahoo! Voices:

“If your barbecue is starting to have a few years of service logged, it might be time to consider replacing the hose and connector that feed the gas to the burners. Over time, these hoses can dry rot and lose their ability to be flexible without breaking. The connectors can become worn and risk allowing gas to leak. While these parts do have long lives, it is still best to inspect them before lighting the barbecue for the first time.”

Check Ignition Sources

Next you have to make sure that your grill’s ignition is still running – otherwise you might have to get it replaced or repaired. For ignition systems running on batteries, you might consider replacing the batteries. Check the electrode leads to ensure that they’re clean and free of debris; otherwise, scrub them clean.

If you need brand new grills or BBQ smokers from Greenville, SC suppliers, companies like Buchanan Fire and Outdoor always have something in store for you. Don’t put a damper on your barbecue party; don’t be caught sweating it out trying to start your grill that won’t ignite because you have neglected to maintain it at all.

(Source: 7 Spring Cleaning Tips for the Barbecue, Yahoo! Voices)

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