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Unpack Those Greenville, SC BBQ Smokers and Have Winter Barbecue Fun

With snow thick on the ground, many think it would be better to spend all the time indoors. However, a cold wintry day may be the right time to roll out those Greenville, SC BBQ smokers. Many people have long realized the fun of having a mid-winter barbecue, as evidenced by the fact that two-thirds of grill owners attest that they grill the whole year round.

Brush the snow off the barbecue and get grilling

However, you can’t just fire up those BBQ grills in Greenville, SC homes without some preparation. A successful winter barbecue needs some preparation. First, you’ll need some additional items. Some examples of what you need are outdoor patio heaters to ensure your guests don’t crowd around the grill for heat, some lights so that you can see what you’re cooking, and benches to gather your friends around the smoky grill. You can get some of these accessories from shops like Buchanan Fire and Outdoor. Be sure you have your equipment ready beforehand so you don’t take your attention away from your grilling task. Extra fuel would also be useful since the cold will slow down your cooking efforts.

Second, you’ll need to think about positioning. The space around your grill is going to be important. Choose a spot that’s protected from the wind since high winds can reduce your grill’s efficiency. However, you’ll still need the location to be well-ventilated – which means your garage or any enclosed space isn’t the place. Another thing to consider is the ice and snow: a grill radiates heat and that will melt any nearby icy deposits. Try to find a relatively clear and dry place so you won’t have any wet spots around your grill space, which can cause accidents.

Finally, consider what you’ll be cooking. The key to having a successful barbecue is to go for simple fare. You don’t want to have to cook anything complicated and long in the freezing weather. Quickly grilled meals will ensure that you’ll be back inside the house in no time. A few examples of what you can cook are burgers, which are quite filling when mixed with salads, or seafood like sea bass slathered with olive oil. Remember to keep the lid on while grilling these treats to ensure that they get maximum heat. Use temperature probes instead of peeking under the lid to ensure no heat escapes, though some grills offer a temperature meter with them.

With all of these in mind, you can bundle up while getting something tasty—and warm—while enjoying the wintery white snowy landscape.

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