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Vented vs Ventless Gas Fireplace Logs

If you’re exploring upgrades to your old wood burning fireplace, or are looking to install a new gas-powered firebox kit into your home, you’ve likely come across some discussion as to the differences in vented and ventless options for the gas log. What’s the right option for your layout and aesthetic? First we’ll talk about the differences in operation and functionality, and then we’ll cover the benefits of a ventless gas log installation.

One of These Logs is Not Like the Other

The differences in vented and ventless logs run the gamut from aesthetics to functionality.

No Swap, No Retrofit

Vented logs cannot be swapped out for a ventless log system, and the systems can’t be retrofit to upgrade. Whichever system you choose, you’re committed to until you’re ready to swap out the entire installation.

Vented Provides Experience Closer to a Wood Fire

Vented gas logs require a masonry or prefabricated firebox with a vent pipe, and the damper must remain fully open. This provides users with an experience closer to a wood fire, and will produce heat for the room, but because the vent must be open, is not the most efficient way to heat your space and still requires the same level of chimney cleaning as a traditional fireplace. Visually, vent free are not as aesthetically pleasing but the benefits outway the visual appeal

Ventless Fireplace Installations Provide Efficiency

Ventless options allow the damper to be closed, and provide a more efficient heat flow. They also use less gas than vented, but do require measures to be taken in the installation or in the space itself to allow airflow and prevent buildup of carbon monoxide. Properly installed, a ventless gas log fixture can run from 65% to as as much as 90% more efficient than vented counterparts.

Stringent Regulations on Ventless Gas Log Solutions

Considered a supplemental heat source, there are numerous restrictions on vent free gas log installations regarding BTU output and installation standards to ensure space surrounding the fireplace has proper clearance of combustible materials

Buy From a Trusted Supplier

Whether you’ve decided to install a vented gas log system or chosen the ventless option, Buchanan Fire & Outdoor can handle your every need. A trusted family-owned supplier of indoor and outdoor products since 1974, our knowledgeable staff specializes in gas log systems, and we have the parts and knowledge to ensure you receive a superior product at a price you can afford. Check out our stock of gas logs and contact us today for your fireplace needs, traditional and otherwise. You won’t be disappointed.

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