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Warmth and Light: Greenville, SC Gas Logs As Your Best Choice

Having a fireplace in your home is an excellent way to ward off the cold in the bitter winter nights; it effectively casts a kind of ambiance, too. The crackling fire and the warm glow may be nice, but having to go out and chop wood or fetch a load of them for the fireside could be more than a minor drawback for lighting up the hearth.

15 Advantages of a Natural Gas Fireplace

Fortunately, the traditional pit of embers need not be the only way; fireplaces using gas logs for Greenville, SC homes can work just as well to create both warmth and romance. There are several advantages to going for a natural gas fireplace. First, no need to chop wood, no messy clean up of ashes either.

The logs in your fireplace aren’t wood at all, but are made of ceramic or other heat-resistant materials, while the fire is fueled by a Greenville, SC propane gas service like Buchanan Fire and Outdoor. Second, because the fire is gas-powered, you can be assured of constant heat, unlike natural fire which needs to be stoked or fed with fuel manually.

Third, it’s easy to maintain and start. Just turn on the gas valve or a switch, and you’ll have a real flame right in your fireplace. There’s no need to clear away the ashes or even maintain a chimney; vents are usually placed with the gas logs to siphon away the smoke. Getting a technician to install a natural gas fireplace is not that difficult, either. If you already have a fireplace, it’s all a matter of installing a gas line through the wall of your fireplace, and putting in “log lighters” so that your fireplace will ignite at the turn of a knob or flick of a switch. If you don’t have a fireplace yet, consider a natural gas fireplace for convenience; cost-wise, it’ll save you some money than a wood-burning one; with the former, there’s no need to add a chimney.

When getting a natural gas fireplace, you can choose either a vented or a vent-free one. Vented fireplaces have the advantage of being more natural looking than vent-free fireplaces; however they have to be installed in an actual wood-burning fireplace. Vent-free fireplaces produce more heat, but are subject to state building codes and aren’t as natural-looking because they follow a prescribed look.

Whatever your choice, a natural gas fireplace can be the ideal way to give your living room that old-fashioned ambiance, without the back-breaking labor, at the cost your body and pocket can afford.

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