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What To Know About Gas Log Repair

At Buchanan Fire & Outdoors, we know that plenty of our customers love a gas log fireplace. We offer everything that you could need to keep your fireplace running smoothly, from new logs to gas log accessories, and we can even help repair things if needed.

That being said, there are a few things that you should know about gas log repair before diving in. We know that some of our customers have a “DIY” attitude, but that may not work out when it comes to fixing up a gas log fireplace. Here’s a look at some of the complications and when you should call a professional.


Finding the Source of an Issue Can Be Hard

One of the hardest parts about fixing a gas fireplace is that it can be difficult to figure out exactly what’s causing a problem. When it comes to some home repair and maintenance work, even a layman can handle things because a specific problem has a specific and easy to fix cause. That’s not always the case with gas log fireplaces.


Multiple Factors Could Be Affecting Performance

That’s because multiple factors could actually be causing the problem. You have to eliminate each potential cause and figure out what the actual underlying issue is. Then you have to see if that’s the only trouble going on behind the scenes. It’s incredibly time-consuming, which is why so many people just aren’t sure how to go about fixing gas log fireplace problems.


You Can Fix Some Basic Issues

That being said, DIY types don’t have to despair completely. Some issues can actually be fixed easily if you know a little bit about your fireplace. The obvious one is the pilot light. If your fireplace doesn’t turn on, it could just be due to a pilot flame that’s blown out. If you open the vent and relight it with a match or a lighter, your problem may be solved. Issues with the thermocouple could also be easily solved. This is a small piece that needs to be placed correctly. Sometimes it just needs to be secured or positioned differently, and then it will be ready to do its job again.


Never Ignore the Smell of Gas

Repairing a gas appliance can come with some risks. That’s why you need to always be on the lookout for potential problem that could actually be life-threatening. The obvious one is the smell of gas. If you smell gas, don’t delay. Stop what you’re doing and call in a professional.


Sometimes You Just Need a Pro

That’s not the only time you need a professional. In some cases you just won’t be able to find the cause of a problem. You can also think you fixed something and then have an issue come back later. One example is if you re-light the pilot light and it keeps going out again and again. That means there’s a larger problem underneath that you just may not be equipped to deal with.


Your Greenville, SC Gas Logs Experts

If fixing a problem is beyond your skill set, don’t despair. Contact Buchanan Fire & Outdoors at (800) 272-7209 today and we’ll repair any issue that you encounter. We’re ready to help you get the most out of your gas log fireplace.


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