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Why a Wood Stove Could be Right for You

There’s nothing quite like sitting around a campfire, is there? The warmth emitted from a wood-burning fire is simply invigorating and it’s the perfect complement to an environment that fosters a sense of togetherness with nature and the people around you.

You don’t have to wait until your next outdoor adventure to enjoy those things. Instead, you can get a wood-burning stove and bring everything you love about campfires indoors. When you do, you’ll enjoy an ancillary heat source which can help reduce your utility expenses. If you live off the grid, an indoor wood stove is exactly what you need to limit or eliminate your dependence on a third-party for heat.

Freestanding Wood Stove or Insert

If you’re ready to get a wood stove, the first thing you should do is determine the type of stove that’s best for your living quarters. In general, there are two kinds of stoves to choose from, freestanding and fireplace inserts. Freestanding wood stoves are more versatile because you can place them in various locations whereas inserts are ideal for existing masonry fireplaces.


A wood stove is an example of a product that disproves the adage “bigger is better.” Wood stoves are usually designed to heat a dedicated space, not an entire structure unless the unit is a small, one-room building or a larger home with an open floor plan. With that in mind, you should define and measure the space you want your wood stove to heat and then pick a stove that’s sized appropriately for that area.

As a rule of thumb, a small wood stove is often the best choice for heating a single room or a second home that’s used seasonally. Small stoves are also a good choice if you have a large home with a furnace and want some zone heating for specific areas to lower your fuel costs.

Medium stoves are great for small homes, larger, energy-efficient residences and winter retreats. Large wood stoves are smart choices for bigger homes that boast an open floor plan and older, leaky residences located in colder areas of the country.

EPA Regulations

It’s no secret that modern wood stoves are more efficient than their earlier brethren. We’re proud to tell you that wood stoves are also more eco-friendly than they used to be.

In 1988 the Environmental Protection Agency issued a mandatory smoke emission limit for wood stoves. That limit is currently 4.5 grams of smoke per hour. On May 15, 2020, the emission limit will drop to just two grams of smoke per hour.

To make sure you’re buying the eco-friendliest wood stove available, look for a hang tag that identifies the stove as having satisfied the latter requirement before it even goes into effect. If a given stove doesn’t have the hangtag, at least make sure it has the EPA’s white label.

Buchanan Fire and Outdoor

While we encourage everyone who’s interested to buy an efficient, eco-friendly wood stove, buying any old stove can lead to buyer’s remorse pretty quickly. We can help you avoid regretting your purchase because the experts at our Greenville wood stove store will help you pick the wood-burning stove that’s ideally suited for you given your unique circumstances.

To find a wood stove you’ll enjoy using for years to come, shop with Buchanan Fire and Outdoor today.

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