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Burning Fireplaces Bring Major Benefits for Your Home


Year after year, a wood burning fireplace remains a top must-have for home buyers. The team at Buchanan Fire and Outdoor in Greenville, SC have over 40 years of experience providing heating solutions for our friends and neighbors. Here are just a few reasons why a wood-fueled fireplace is an incredible addition to any home.  wood burning fireplace greenville sc

1)  Year-Round Dependability– Storms come and go all year long. When the lights are out and there’s no heat or electricity, a wood burning fireplace is always dependable. You can stay warm and fed during power outages next to a cozy fire.

2)  Extra Cooking Options– Unlike gas fireplaces, you can cook in a wood burning fireplace that burns wood. This means you can have a fun cookout with family and friends even on those rainy days.

3)  Energy Efficient Heating–  Using wood in your fireplace can help you cut down on your heating costs. You will be able to lower your energy use and your electrical bill. Fireplace inserts help lower costs even more by cutting down on heat lost that often drifts out of chimneys and drafts.

4)  Become Energy Independent– Everyone is looking for ways to cut their dependence on electricity and other fossil fuel energy sources. Wood-burning fireplaces can help you cut that dependence. You get to take control of your fuels sources, fuel costs, and how you get the wood you need. If you or a friend has woody lands, you can create an endless supply of wood.

5)  Earth Friendly Energy– Choosing wood as a heating source is highly eco-friendly. You can harvest your own wood and create a replanting plan, or choose wood from an ecologically responsible supplier. You get to be in control of your heating source, usage, and costs. It’s a whole new life when you have a wood-fueled fireplace.

6)  Come Home to Cozy– Science shows that sitting near a fire is soothing for your soul. Imagine coming home every day to a beautiful, relaxing fire and just letting the worries of the day fade away. A fireplace can provide an incredible escape from stress and worry.

7)  Easy Maintenance and Care– While you’ll still need regular chimney cleaning and maintenance, a wood fireplace requires a lot less care and maintenance than your HVAC. Fireplaces can last hundreds of years, often not needing repair or replacement for many years at a time. This is especially true with fireplace inserts, which can help restore the structure and integrity of your original fireplace. The money you’ll save on maintenance costs alone is a big reason people choose wood over other heating options.

8)  Romantic Getaway In Your Home– Want to have a special evening but don’t have the time to travel? A wood burning fireplace makes your home feel like a romantic getaway any day of the week. Start the fire, add some romantic music and a delicious meal and you’ll have a private getaway that feels romantic and luxurious.

The wood burning fireplace experts at Buchanan Fire and Outdoor in Greenville, SC love helping our neighbors and friends find the perfect heating option for their home. Wood-burning fireplaces are making a big comeback and we are so excited. We support local and international eco-friendly fuel options for a greener energy alternative. We also work with our clients to make sure they are getting the energy and heating that works best for them.

No matter what type of home you have, we can come up with a beautiful option to help you take control of your heating and energy costs. Call us today at 864-834-5226 or toll-free at 800-273-7209. We’ll help you find the wood burning fireplace of your dreams in no time.


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